Darren_Brennessel If I don't draw, I will go sane!

Age: 54
Hometown: Rochester, NY
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Steve Carrel

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Education Post grad
Children I don't want kids

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BiographyDrawing since age 2 (as noted in the baby book my mom kept). Studied art on my own since that time everyday as well as going to college for art studies. Also a photographer interested in old architecture, astronomy, history, rock collecting and geology.
InterestsPop culture of all ages. history, astronomy, lucid dreaming out of body experiences, 60's pop culture and hippie culture.
Music60's garage Psychedelic and Folk Rock, Celtic, Medieval, Folk, Ancient music of all kinds
FilmsLogan's Run, The Trip, Easy Rider, Jeremiah Johnson, Help! Yellow Submarine, Magical Mystery Tour (a masterpiece - Paul doesn't get the credit he deserves for this...)Man In The Wilderness, The Wicker Man, Let It Be, Monterey Pop, Woodstock, Isle Of White Festival, Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, Altamont, Gimme Shelter, Ben Hur, The Warriors, Oblio (The Point)
TelevisionThe Prisoner, original Star Trek, Lost, The Mod Squad, The Streets Of San Francisco, Hawaii 5-O, The X Files, Kolchak:The Night Stalker, The Odd Couple, Quincy, ME, Kung Fu, Space:1999, In Search Of, The Electric Company, 1965-1975 Mr. Rogers, 1969-1977 Sesame Street, The Original WGBH ZOOM!, Davy and Goliath, Gumby,
BooksCrime and Punishment, The Seth Series by Jane Roberts and Robert F. Butts, 11:11, Zecharia Sitchin's Genesis Revisited and The 12th Planet Series, A Wrinkle In Time, The Hobbit, The Lord Of The Rings, The Sword Of Shannara,anything on art,
HeroesJan Vermeer, Albrecht Durer, Caspar David Friedrich, Edward Hopper, Oscar Bleumner, Robert Crumb, Norman Rockwell, Frank Frazetta, Fra Angelico, The Van Eyk Brothers, The Brothers Hildebrandt, Hildegard Von Bingen

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Fantastic work.


Beautiful work


You have beautiful work.


I love your work, especially Buckwheat Harvest. Great stuff.


wonderful works!!!! :))


hi and thanks for the message!! RIBS=OUCH!!man, that bites!!!im heaps proud my works still hanging!!itd be cool if we can sawp again some time!a few people have tried to buy 'acid road', to no avail!!hope youre all mended up after the fall!the past has seen many retreat to calmer waters, a lot of artists here have been doing the same, must be a planetary thing??? hey if you can download music where youre at, i highly recommend a new young band from the coast here in queensland, they are called OPERATOR PLEASE and im sure youd dig their style, theyre all kids, in school still, high school, and theyre just fab!having a blast looking thru your pics, still say youre one of my fave artists, no joke, your work is pretty cool man!!email....trudy.artist@gmail.com, would be cool to see some pics!oh i just saw your movies list, i love help! the beatles were such trippers,n i have an original vinyl copy of the magical mystery tour record, a little one in a cool case with book...jealous much??anyway, much peace from oz form me, stay cool n hope to hear from you soon!!(no more falls down stairs ok!!)peace, trudy


hi dagwood, it has been so long since i said hello, i have been living a very hippy life with no internet for 18 months, painting away in my rainforest gully, am now back in the land of the living!! just wanted to say hi, see how you are going. i still have your acid road drawing (framed!!) up in my home, it is waaaay cool, and many of my mates want it! i hope that you have been well, still creating, and have a very merry xmas ok! many blessings to you and your family, peace from down under, trudy xox

Silverstrike ( Deleted user )

I think your incredible.Gilbomb especially i likE!


thanks ^_^ you also have a nice gallery!


I've uploaded some new stuff now. Thanks so much for your interest!


Darren, I love your work - I've never seen anything like it!

YaeheeChoi ( Deleted user )

Hi, I am impressed by your works ! really stunning works ! I enjoy your gallery ! take care !


had to stay and enjoy all the breasts .great tits eh! the way you present the offerings ,its amazing the new wave of booby exposures ,the ladies seem to enjoy the flaunt ! lol you get it eh? since paper root .so funny like a cid trip . i saw USA military and canadian > test L S D on soldiers ??? wacked on that stuff killin ?? ps bob seger, the who , rich stadium ? REO rochester war memorial arena . >>> was that the venue ? so long ago heck maybe 79 or 80 .always a blast we wre the canucks with the converted GAS MASK MOLGEN DAVID 20/20 right , oh no its all coming back to me you guys and gals were great hosts . would not even look at border now except today was in point pele . PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY half way to ROCHESTER home of the famous house of guitars. who i saw on some crim mastermind show about the BRINKS heist too funny . see ya in canacda next time you come north perhaps . your works are so cool wild and crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop in at swirls eh! he carves rocks ? an actual prospector no kidding $ 25 and a drivers licence . it would be interesting to see if you could get an ontario prospectors liciece?? long winded or what must be the reminders of funtimes in NEW YORK state (ALTERED ?} swirl


i was just trying to critique tracy.>>>>>then suddenly a note for aquote or commission popped up. out of no where ???/ strange i must say sorry if this has been sent to you i tried to erase ,this note may prove to be irrelative . ps i am in no position financially to purchase, any art at this point, >>> does not mean i dont like it. actually the opposite im here to encuorage you ..please no mis understanding eh?? i hope you uderstand im not in any altered states im in canada lol swirl


feel like beautiful bream???

Sveta ( Deleted user )

Happy new year!


seasons greetings,happy solstice,good luck,for2008.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! May all your dreams come true in 2008!

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Happy Holidays Darren! ~Marianne


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