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Age: 59
Hometown: Moscow
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BiographyWas born in Moscow, Russia, 1959. The Stroganov art - industrial university in Moscow. Mosaics, made up of a great number of tiny brass strips covered with multicolored enamel, is the author's invention (International Patent of the Russian Federation 2.213.667). Moscow enameller Andrey Mandjos is the author of the new method that employs classical mosaics and enamel. Despite century-old traditions of mosaics and enamel techniques this new method has no equal.The author makes use of hot enamel and manufactures mosaic panels, pictures, portraits, sculptures, jewelry, Easter eggs, interior pieces, furniture pieces, articles of religious and everyday life, and decorates interiors of expensive automobiles and yachts. WWW.MOSAICS-MANDJOS.RU Andrey Mandjos is the first world enameller-mosaicer nominated repeatedly as world record-breaker in decorative art and the author of the ENAMEL ROOM project. www.enamelroom.mosaics-mandjos.ru
InterestsThe first mosaic medal in the world designed to the 300th Lomonosov anniversary. The Moscow mint Goznak and Andrey Mandgos, the enamelist and mosaicist, have started the new processing line which is innovative for the world medal and coin business. The essense of it is the rollout of products which are encrusted with enamel mosaic. The very first mosaic item would be the mosaic medal which is dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the founder of the Rusian mosaic business M.v. Lomonosov.
MusicAnd in this case we are speaking about something more than art, we are speaking about both the technical methods which are new for the whole medal and coin industry and new variants of decoration. From now and then the diligent mosaic set will appear on the mdals and coins of the highest «proof-like» quality. It will be forbidden not only to touch such items, but also to breethe upon its mirrored surface which is so valueable for the collectors. Besides the released mosaic medal would follow in every detail all the requirements for the real coinage. As a matter of fact, it can be treated as a real coin but it lacks the face value and the coat of arms.
FilmsJune, 15-17 2012 – Radisson Slavyanskaya and the Business Center. 3 COINS: the international conference and exhibition - 2012.
TelevisionThe sensation of the conference/exhibition: showcase of the world’s first mosaic medal at the GOZNAK booth. COINS is the only Russian-hosten international forum dedicated to the coin market. A report by the Moscow Mint GOZNAK on a new mosaic technique in the coin/medal craft.
Books2014 – Olympic medal incrustation project for a Sochi Olympic Games contractor.


Since 2001 - tens exhibitions in Russia, set of reportings in press and on TV. Read lecture in Moscow state унивеситете. It is awarded with awards " For advantage to Russian culture ", it is marked by Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation. Outside Russia of exhibitions yet was not. WWW.MOSAICS-MANDJOS.RU

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Hello, I see that you also like detail in your work. Your work looks good. Tony


Thank you Andrey. I am glad to meet. I invite you to the site in Italy. The site administrator also creates a mosaic. Register on the site. There is my page. If you have a profile in Face book email me. I will invite to the site. Sincerely, Valery Semenov. Sites - http://valerij-semionoff2011.narod2.ru http://semenow.web-box.ru http://www-semenovValery.narod2.ru http://sites.google.com/site/artistsemenov/ http://sites.google.com/site/voronezhsemenov/ e-mail V-Semenov@rambler.ru


http://rossellodamiano.ning.com/profile/SEMENOVVALERY Перейдите Андрей по ссылке на Итальянский сайт и зарегистрируйтесь. Администраторы Rossello Damiano - keramika and Roberto Lacentra - mozaika


Hello and thank you for your email. I never before have seen the artwork you do, but I was very impressed about it and I'm sure that you are a great master in it. Congratulations and enjoy your creativity. Greetings


Very intricate work (reminds me of artwork that I've seen in some historical European buildings)... a great technique that you have invented! You are very talented and creative.


Wow! Your work is quite impressive! Looks like it's very time consuming. I've always wanted to try mosaic. One of these days I'm going to give it a shot!


Very glad to receive your message Your work is great and delicate


your work is very nice... and very inspiring...


Love your work...it's simply Amazing! Thank you very much for your nice message. ^__^


you possessed an extra ordinary talent your works amazed me...


my name is miss jane, i saw your profile on www.myartprofile.com, and became interested in you,i want you send a mail to my private box, janeweah18@yahoo.co.uk then i will send you my pictures and tell you who i am,alot of hugs,thans your jane. janeweah18@yahoo.co.uk

doves ( Deleted user )

Thankyou for showing your very beautiful work.Let me know if mine is any good as ive only just started painting last year.I havent done any since school days so its been many years.

catherinechiara ( Deleted user )

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with me.


Wow your work is great! The time n work involved! Very nice.


Wow your work is great! The time n work involved! Very nice.


Thanks!! I think YOUR work is just AMAZZZING !!!!!!!!!!! :)


Thanks a lot ... keep in touch..


unusual and superb work, you have a REAL talent


concrete and beautifull


got a glimpse of you piece called "Cherries" Bravo.

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