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BiographyART__Love___Truth____Time_____Energy_!^O^!_____________________________* Russo Luca Geremia in art ENIGRUSSO, creator of the artistic current of the enigmismo. was born in Milan 20/10/1976 he lives and works in Barletta (BAT) south Italy. City of Ofchallenge of the Knights, native land of great De Nittis, artist of the happiness. What is the enigmismo? and that what contains to philosophical and moral level its artistic current? !°L°! The ENIGMISMO is a THEMATIC Materic THAT EXISTS From the TIMES Of the bIG-bANG. Is the mystical symbol of the Universe in the Ignoto and the based Human question mark To the STANDARD OF a space in a BETTER WORLD!^o^! NOT MADE FOR RACISM and the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN the SOCIAL CATEGORIES, BUT mADE to the STANDARD Of COMMON VITAL Freedom AND Intellectual OF BEING ABLE to EXIST!^o^!__________________________BY LUCaEnig _____________________________*
InterestsThe art of Enigrusso with the enigmismo wants to transmit one metapragmatismo as key of access for one innovation space time where the man a day will not be made of matter but he will become a happy cosmic essence of its perfect equilibrium". Artistic contaminations, mixed technical painting, plastic, sculpture, installations, display windows, cure of the image, photography. Theatre, cinema, we danced, public relation, musical events, peach, spinning, track-and-field, deep, bicycle.
MusicDark, rock, punk, electronics, ambient, house-garage, rave-music, reggae, psychedelik, SKA, tecno, HARDCORE, melodica Italian alternative.


Exhibitions - Participation in events and exhibitions carried out: See The Pleasure Museo Casa Natale Gabriele D'Annunzio Pescara 28-29-30 November 2008 theme: "The Pleasure" reading texts and introductions Lori Adragna, reading poems about - Oscar Wilde - Charles Baudelaire - Gabriele D'Annunzio by Enigrusso - sull'erotismo interventions and sexual freedom, psychologist Barbara Collevecchio - Summary historical and ideological on pleasure by Giovanni Di Iacovo. __________________________________ Color in - From September 19 - October 7, 2008 - Setting up and inauguration of the exhibition organized by the Cultural IMPULSESART the Galleria d'Arte On-Line vernisage WINE BAR at the former Stock Exchange Palace Ferrara Largo Castello - winning awards and Balloons at Festival - Urban Park "Giorgio Bassani" FERRARA. ______________________________________ Enigrusso in Action Painting Ruvolution per event in Ruvo di Puglia 22 July 2008 involved - street artists - jugglers - eaters - street musicians - on stage singing Italian melodic - rock bands - hip-pop - fashion designer - theater actors. ___________________________________ Mediterranean Port - Southeast travel Days of international art Fourth edition, 21-30 June 2008 Travel and itinerancy: the discovery of dynamics. _______________________________________ A.L.M.A Onlus Gardens of the Castle on Saturday 17 May 2008 Spring in Bloom festival. _______________________________________ SIGNS AND CHROMATIC depths of International exhibition of contemporary art By: Sabrina Falzone venue: Ars Habitat - designers: Maurizio Melis Alessandra and Roman Ferrando - PALACE RATTO-PICASSO (Palazzo Spinola di San Luca) via San Luca 14 / 4 - Genoa, Historical Center Period shows: 15-30 April 2008 Vernissage: 19 April 2008, h 18 Organization: Immaginecolore.com - Anna Ferrari, and Loredana Trestina. Exposure in which artists offer images where the colors and atmosphere are filtered by their sensitivity staff dealing with effective suggestive as guizzanti contrasts of light and shadows works that depict a personal vision of contemporary society in relation to interior in its complexity unconscious that infuses the painting morphological traits, styles of extreme compositional freedom. A painting that extends up to the total cancellation of the shape, whether geometric or naturalistic to undertake a dialogue with the matter pigmentale. _____________________________________ 505 Anniversary of the Challenge of Barletta Patrocinio del Comune di Barletta 13-16 February 2008 Location: Piazza Monte di Piet Curator: Director of Pierangelo small paper-online magazine based in Barletta and now also in Milan. _____________________________________ International Contemporary Art "Blue - Il Napoli nel Cuore" January 23 - February 10, 2008 Castel dell'Ovo - Sala Italia Organization: Associazione Culturale Merliani 137 Curator: Gianni Nappa ______________________________________ Cultural Association meetings nonprofit, created by an 'artist for artists. Curator: Angela Consoli Days of Artistic Research International Mediterranean port Art Workshop Monopoli (BA) from 23 June to 7 July 2007 The Cultural Association meetings and the second edition of "Mediterranean Gate" Art Workshop to be held in Monopoli (BA) from 23 June to 1 July 2007. The association will be glad to accommodate all the participants already enrolled in Monopoli for the entire period of the event participants will need nn nothing will eat together, sleep together and will have everything they need to create x ... all in one space ... in a large area both indoors and outdoors, immersed in nature pugliese. _____________________________________ CELEBRATION OF SPRING IN FLOWER: 3rd EDITION OF THE COMPETITION "OPEN SPACE" - Le Botteghe OF CREATIVITY AND Barletta, Friday 27 April 2007 - The municipal administration of Barletta (Department of Social Policies), in collaboration with the Association ALM A. ONLUS, announces the third edition of "Open Space - The shops of art and creativity." The event will take place in the "Festival of Spring in bloom ...", from 09.00 on Saturday 19 May, at the Giardini del Castello di Barletta. The appointment is as a moment to provide useful vision to the creative arts - local manufacturing industry, while promoting the artistic expression of young people and the value of non-verbal communication, not without encouraging new ways of relating within the local culture. Participants should ensure the establishment of stalls / shops for the display of products produced by conveying its expression through various artistic languages, but also illustrating the artistic, the methodologies used and the techniques for processing of their works. The competition includes two sections: one reserved for the young talents of the private social Province BAT (the top three winners will be awarded, in the press of 500, 300 and 200 Euro). The other section, however, is reserved for schools of all levels of the Towns of BAT participants to the event. For this additional section will be awarded prizes for participation. The awards will be awarded by a committee made up of professional figure of pictorial art and craft, as well as representatives from the Regional, Provincial and Municipal. ______________________________________ City of Barletta 18 May - 4 June 2006 Exhibition Itinerary: The scene in http://www.zeroassoluto.biz Mosquito winged paper shuts down its first candle. Opera Cinema Collective. ____________________________________ March 2006 Participation with Interactive operates personal representation to the Book: "The Silence of the Innocents" by Giovanni Fasanella and Antonella Grippo - Chapter 5 -- - Http://macchiedisilenzio.wordpress.com/?s=enigrusso __________________________________ TAIN lapos GAME edited by Fabrizio Fontana exhibition of art email or collection of images received by mail unconventional. From 2 to 12 November 2006 Hall of Culture Vetrugno Gregory "- via Matilde 7 - Novoli LE. __________________________________ City of Barletta 24-25-26th edition Artepoesia Award Nazareth via collective 9-10 October 2003, 9-10 October 2004, 15-16 October 2005 jury and organizational Franco Lamonaca journalist. __________________________________ Palace of Culture, City of Margherita di Savoia collective 3 August-29 August 2003 Assessorato tourism-Assessorato culture. The Soul and the 4th Edition Canvas Art director: Rosita Fanelli, Cosimo Damato and Mara Distaso Ideation: Romina Masullo.

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Very intersting work.


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