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BiographyJuan Carlos Gayoso was born on August 7th. 1.952. He began in a self teached way at an early age. Going through and perfecting himself in the plastics´ different branches. He made metal sculpture, later, he defined his own style taking motives from the venezuelan escapes, which he portraits through oil paintings, water-colour and combined techniques, therefore interpreting it´s high cromatism; following his work we can observe a natural impresionist scenery with clear expressionist accents, in which he assumes a particular monocromatism to elevate it´s essence.


Venezuela • “Durban” Art Gallery, Caracas, collective exposition 1977. • “Dell’ Esaro” Art Gallery, Caracas, (Special Guest). • “Degal S.A.”, Caracas, collective exposition 1978. • “Jockey Club”, Caracas, individual exposition 1979. • “Maraven”, Caracas, individual exposition 1979. • “Fedecamaras”, Caracas, collective exposition 1980. • “Dimaca S.R.L.”, Caracas, collective exposition 1980 • “Committee of Human Solidarity”,Maracaibo, collective exposition 1980 . • “Hotel Tamanaco”, Caracas, individual exposition, February 1981. • “Maraven”, Caracas, individual exposition, November 1981. • “Hotel Avila”, Caracas, individual exposition, November 1982. • “Art 3”, Caracas, collective exposition, Diciembre 2006. • “Expresartegaleria”, Caracas, Permanent exposition. • “ExpoTamanaco”, Caracas, Permanent exposition. • “Vita Arte”, Caracas, Permanent exposition. Uruguay • “Fazzio y di Gaeta” Art Gallery, Montevideo, collective exposition, 1976. • “Mecenas” Art Gallery, Montevideo, collective exposition, 1976. • “Walmer decoraciones”, Montevideo, collective exposition, 1977. • “Mitre” Art Gallery, Montevideo, collective exposition, 1975. • “Colón” Art Gallery, Montevideo, exposition, 1976. • “La Platence” Art Gallery, Montevideo, collective exposition, 1976. • “Atelier” Art Gallery, Montevideo, exposition, 1977. • “Dispay” Art Gallery, Montevideo, collective exposition, 1976. • “Anselmi” Art Gallery, Montevideo, collective exposition, 1977. • “Goya” Art Gallery, Montevideo, collective exposition, 1976. • “M.F. Decoraciones”, Montevideo, collective exposition, 1976. • “Ogui Decoraciones”, Montevideo, collective exposition, 1976. • Participation in the second exposition “Feria de las Naciones, ”. (Sponsored by Uruguay´s Government), individual, 1976. • “Subte Municipal”, (Uruguayan painters exposition), Montevideo, collective exposition, 1971 . • “Walmer decoraciones”, Punta del Este, collective exposition, 1975 – 1977. • “Hotel Azul”, Punta del Este, collective exposition, 1976. • “Hotel Arena”, Punta del Este, collective exposition, 1977. Argentinean • “Díaz Velez” Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, collective exposition, 1977. • “Enzo Zocco” Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, collective exposition, 1977. • “Rocar” Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, individual exposition, 1977. • “La Cueva del Arte”, Buenos Aires, collective exposition, 1977. • “Mac Glaser” Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, collective exposition, 1977. • “Kir- Mar” Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, collective exposition, 1977 . • “Walmer decoraciones”, Buenos Aires• “Atelier Buenos Aires, collective exposition 1977. Brazil • “Rembrandt” Art Gallery, Porto Alegre collective exposition, 1975. • “San Marcos” Art Gallery, Sao Pablo collective exposition, 1976. • “Rachid” Art Gallery, Río de Janeiro, collective exposition,1976. Germany • “Feria artesanal de artistas suramericanos”, Nubulgrim ,collective exposition, 1975. Switzerland • “Arte Suizo”, Suiza, collective exposition, 1975. United State of Amarica • “Arts International”, Chicago, collective exposition, 1975. España • Galería FreeArt Web, Exposición permanente. México Bienal the International of Contemporary Art of the University of Chapingo - Mexico 2008. Participated as a qualifying jury in the painting events (EDELCA) • XIII Salón de pintura 23/11/89 • XIV Salón de pintura 29/10/90 • XV Salón de pintura 25/11/91 • XVI Salón de pintura 23/11/92 Private Collections • Israel • Spain • Italy • Peru • Brazil • Argentinean • Uruguay • Venezuela • Japan • México Juan Carlos Gayoso´s interview in Caracas Juan Carlos Gayoso is caraquenian by decision. At the young age of 8 years, his first drawing, chinese painting and water painting begin, receiving his first scholar awards. With his mother´s help, he begins studies in Montevideo´s Bellas Artes School, beginning in his specialization in drawing, painting, sculpture, PLUMILLA and other combined media. At thirteen years old he meets master Jorge Tarallo, to who friedship unites. He shares for some time the deep knowledge of oil techniques with this master, specializing then in theese techniques. He spends his first years in Montevideo, then he moves to Buenos Aires, where he installs his first art gallery (Rocar), he travels to Rio de Janeiro where he makes some expositions. Back in Montevideo, he establishes a relationship with Dimaca and Degal galleries in Caracas, receiving mail from them, which motivates him to travel to Venezuela because of it´s high poli chromatic landscapes and tropical light. Used to the light of the south of the continent, whose shadows are grey and lead color, making the artist´s palette a cold color´s gamma, he was impressed by the richness of light in the shadows, with bueish and violet tonalities which inspire him to paint and project the natural scenaries at an international level. His first impression of light was in the water and when seeing the Avila from the Guipuzcuana House in Macuto, he found himself with a set of lights in the shadows that he had never seen, amazed with the tropical polichromy, he´s motivated to move to Caracas. He travels through our impressive natural sceneries, painting jungles, deserts, navy and colonial streets, exposing their voluptuosity. Master Gayoso has painted of Venezuela, in the hyper characters technique, themes from the folklore and natural scenaries before mentioned, specializing in the Avila in all it´s manifestations, which has taken him to project himself at a national and international level as a venezuelan artist. Apart from realizing himself as an artist, he has dedicated himself equally as a teacher, teaching techniques, styles, scenography, artistic photography, sculpture and graphic design, as well restauration, giving in this way his collaboration in the creation of new venezuelan values. On the other hand, in the last thirty years he has made marmol, wood, paper, oil and religious themes restaurations. He has actually dedicated himself more to oil painting and he feels constantly motivated by the venezuelan landscapes polichromy, lights and light in the shadows. Leonora de Vera February 2005

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