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BiographyTinsu Kasai was born in Addis Ababa and, as the surname Kasai attests, her roots ascend from regal Abyssinian lineage. Having inherited the artist cue from her Tigrean mother, born in the ancient city of Gondar, little Tinsu was inspired by the experience of watching the women of her village weaving colorful fabrics and basketry. Self-taught in the art of sculpture. Upon viewing the sculptured paper art of Tinsu Kasai, one will likely be drawn into a world of the exotic, a wide range of visuals ranging from facial masks from African village life to Native American culture, palm trees swaying to ocean breezes and a mélange of other organic expressions. Having one of Tinsu’s sculptures in your surroundings will inspire an appreciation for culture, spirituality and a heightened awareness of the power of art to serve as bridge between divergent cultures. -- Keidi Awadu, Black Star Media


You can visit me at: www.Kasaicreations.com

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Very nice art work


wonderful art m'am!

Lime ( Deleted user )

Nice Your Work Kasai.


love the female POWER in your creations ! SHINE ON ! your portrait GLOWS > please see your love fibers for critique , such a warm feeling to it ,and others ,thanks eh! feel free to visit,the swirl gallery at swirls . PS saw you at L H's a new friend of SWIRLS peace to you and yours ! swirl


Hi Kasai,Absolutely luv your images...their essence [ as your quote] shines thru for me..something intagible but mighty powerful.....authentic creative expression sure comes thru us !!! me thinks...something about what I see is......can't put a word to it..just 'feel' it and I thank you...very genuine...very tangible....peace and blessings to ya! from DownUnder...xxx blaze


Blessed love Sista Kasai, I realy Love the creative works,it all looks so natural and real.May the Light ov Creativeness keep on Blessing all ov yuh works! Jahfull greets, Jaro


grazie per il tuo commento il tuo lavoro è bellissimo auguroni

Ted ( Deleted user )

Hi Tinsu....love your bio...your art is very spiritual and uplifting to the soul,thank you for sharing,ted


Thank you;) Your work is great....Have a wonderful xmas...Brynja G.


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hi there, really love what you're doing.


Very fine work. I like the timeless, natural, mythic, universal pictoral language you express through your art. Wonderful images. Regards, Bud C


Leaving a strange little blog for you> i hope you do not fine it desturbing.that pic was right before I went into a lockdown ward. Funny, people in a lockdown can be very nice to on another. When my money was good and I detoxed in Braddock ghetto hospital, I bought extra packs of smokes so no one had to do without during 'smoking period'. Although there are some dangerous people there, we don’t threaten each other and try to support one another. They almost killed me in that ward. I was running 250 over 170 blood pressure. Funny I ate a few Vicodan and a line of coke in the detox at Western ward. Nice hospital with good staff and the food is calorie rich. they figger it might have been some time since you ate. It is sort of sitting with a Rome doctorate RC priest smoking good herb and talking new old testament. Had to take a friend to the hospital. Used to be a brilliant man. Undergrad com loda in Latin and Greek, Passed the Bar Exam, lawyer. He now takes 600 to 1000 milligrams of methadone at a time and mixes it with valium and promethazine( a god damn motion sickness pill?). He gets as high as a person can and not die. He is falling apart. I think he could easily die within the next year Got him into a hospital but his, I would call her a pig especially when it comes to drugs, girlfriend gets him sighed out is one day AMA. She is concerned that this hubbub night interfere with the ability of them continue to obtain large quintiles of drugs at a time through a legitimate doctor It took me an hour to dress him and I had to put clean underwear on him and clean pants. And he was dead weight white as a ghost. You wish you could save people from there fates. My heart fell from my chest when I got to the hospital and he was no there. Hope your mellowing out and my Christian beliefs’ do not freak you out. I have a friend that was so bad he was dissolving rock cocaine with vinegar and IV injecting it? Ever now and then he would call me and ask if I would bring him a pack of smoke. Then I would give him some cash and promise me would spend it on food. I would walk to the grocery with him. He is off dope and looking like a new man. I hope my showing up and letting him know he was not judged by me. That if there is a god he loves him no less than anyone else. He is not an evil man, easy to like. It also showed him I cared, someone cared. Been a long day, got a new washing machine.. New hat, will post a pic . You aren’t eating a lot of sea food are you? It is loaded with mercury and will suppress your immune system. If you go to the FDA web site you can see ho much fuckig mercury there is in these fish. No more that on can a of tuna a week is the limit. As you judge so will you be judged. Sleep tight Little Ladyfinger love yu


Dear Kasai Thank you so very much for your love and support it means so much to me. It is going to take time but every day I get a little better Love Susiexxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you kindly....Margaret...I appreciate the compliment... You have amazing work displayed. My best ~ Kasai


Great work, very ethnic. I love it. Margaret, Artist at Work, http://artist-at-work.co.uk


Thank you so much Tox...I just sent Suzie a letter of inspiration...and you're right...We must bond together..in the spirit of humanity...Thanks again for the message ~ My best Kasai


Susie, one of the friends listed at your site, is ill. A get well letter would do her heart good and cheer her up a bit. We live in a world that does not apriciate art. We must care for eachother. So leave a post on her board if you have time. Put a smile on her face when she gets home from the hospital. L John TOX


thank you so much for the kind compliment... I appreciate it.... my best ~~ Kasai


beautiful beautiful work