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BiographyChris Coles is a graduate of Brown University and the British National Film School and has studied art at the Otis School of Art in Los Angeles. His work has been exhibited in Bangkok, Los Angeles and New York.
InterestsChris Coles is one of the first artists to explore the world of the Bangkok Night. His paintings, in the Expressionist style, are jagged emotional portraits, revealing a raw and primitive layer of the human experience. The paintings are a continuation of the Expressionist movement which has its roots in the Germany of the early 1900's. Emil Nolde, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Alexei von Jawlensky, Oskar Kokoschka are a few of his favorite artists. Although Chris is neither abnormally short nor French nor particularly degenerate, he has often been called the Toulouse-Lautrec of Bangkok. Most of Chris' paintings are clustered in various series titled: BANGKOK NIGHTLIFE, PATPONG PORTRAITS, BANGKOK NEON, BANGKOK NOIR, BANGKOK LADYBOY, BANGKOK SOI DOG. There are also a series of music videos featuring Chris' paintings accompanied by the wild and wonderful Bangkok hip-hop group called Thaitanium. To view more of Chris Coles' paintings or the music videos, go to

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I love the intensity of color in your work! They almost seem electric! Wonderful!


Superb use of colour in a highly individual and attractive style. Margaret, Artist at Work,


love the work.. unique...


Came across your page while exploring the wonderful art on this website. Very nice work. Please stop by for a visit if you get a chance. Regards, Bud C




Enjoy my videos----


Hello Chris , you have an interesting style and love the colour choice ! Bravo ! Regards, Brischit


You can exist without Art, but you better give him a call now and then.


Hi kriskoles welcome to the site nice work you have-greetings Anita !!!


Midnite Bar Soi Cowboy made me really f'ing depressed. thats what its all about though...

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi Chris, I love your bright colors and the fun atmosphere within your pieces. "Battle-Scarred Expat" is my favorite. Nice work.




Interseting Work! Love the colors! Best Wishes, Deborah


Emotions are colors in the expressionistic style and you do very well along those lines. Your portraits portray more that the people. Best regards, Robbie.

Nitervol ( Deleted user )

No i did not notice those things sorry, i have to say you have a singular wit that i can appreciate. Your writings about your work is entertaining. Perhaps ? you should try the medium of writing. I think you would do well. Keep up the sense of humar that you have. cheers :) oh i am a big fan of the German Expressionist's espacially the Blue Four.

Nitervol ( Deleted user )

Great Stuff, love your usage of the mediums. I love the color. The asian art antiquties is really funny.


I with pleasure have got acquainted with your creativity. I shall be glad to show you my ENAMEL MOSAIC and to receive your response. Andrey


I know only one address which might be useful for you - best luck:


greetings - nice work to enjoy...


Yes Nolde and Kirchner, I see your inspiration. Die Brucke was a very interesting group in the scheme of everything expressive. Your paintings are very good, thanks for exhibiting. Leon