Age: 53
Hometown: Springdale
Accepts Commissions: Yes
Logged in: No

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Marital Status Married
Children Proud parent

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BiographyHi, I'm Liz. I've had a love for art since I was a child. Oil is my medium of chose. I paint original and commissioned oil paintings, murals, and personalized painted Christmas ornaments. I teach oil painting classes at the Leslie Shupe Art School and private classes in my home.
InterestsArt, music, movies, nature, and spending time with friends and family.
MusicChristian, Classic Rock, Rock, Alternative, Classical, Blues, Hip-Hop.... I'm really diverse when it comes to music. I love it all.
FilmsI love romantic comedies, musicals, classics, comedies, dramas, thrillers.... again pretty diverse.
TelevisionI really don't watch TV much. I do however love American Idol, Gilmore Girls and the Ellen Show.
BooksThe Bible would be my all time favorite book. I really don't read anything else that much anymore, now it seems I doodle or work Sudoku puzzles.
HeroesJesus Christ and my parents.


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CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Well Liz, that didn't take long. Way to go. Looking forward to seeing the new work. Let me know when you get them posted. ~Mare


Hey Liz I`m sorry have not been painting on the webcam in sometime now ...just as soon as i can i`ll be back doing that the profile pic looks great ... by the way i have started with a some art cards i have 3 right now i have 2 big paintings i`m working on ...i just sent 2 painting to a gallery in Ohio i have been alittle busy ....i`m sure your just as busy tho take care and tell everyone i said hello ....oh have you heard from rod at all soon Luke

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Things are going well, I've been doing a lot of painting and have been having fun with it. A few new pieces in my "New Work" gallery, the latest being my "Self Portrait". I hope you manage to grab hold of your focus. I know that can be difficult, you have it or you don't. Let me know when you do post anything new. Have a good weekend. ~Mare

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi Liz, I saw you were online and I thought I would stop in to see how the art world is treating you these days. Do you have any new works posted. ~Marianne


Hi Liz,I have posted some more of my works on my page .Please do take a look when you can. Love Sanyu


Hey Liz ...hope your having a great week ...your art is great ...keep up the wonderful work ..Luke


wot breath taking work, nets


Hello, Liz, it has been a long time since I visited your galleries, but I'm glad I finally got back here. You have many many lovely paintings here and I must return more frequently to view everything you have. Thank you for sharing these treasure. Best regards, Robbie.


thanks for the welcome!.. quite a collection you have! :o)


Hi Liz thanks for your comments :)


hi! liz realy enjoyed looking at your gallerys.


Enjoy my videos----


Not good. Here is a little form letter i am sending out to friends. The background for all this started as my marriage started to break down and I left behind successful, elite fitness trainer, truly the best. This was due to her wanting to advance her career we moved to Florida. Were in the employment of the Babcock, Timber barons and family company. We were promised a $200,000 salary; things fell apart in a very ugly way, family coup de tete. The Babcock’s are pond scum. My ex grabbed a job in Phoenix and we moved to that hell hole. I do not like to live in the desert to put it mildly and every thing was corporate. I have always worked for myself and do not fit well in a corporate organization. Tried several jobs and either walked away before I was fired or , Often fired . I was becoming finacialy dependen on her and did not like it nor resentment of it. I pulled muscle in working as a fitness trainer for a corporate place and went to a doctor for this simple pulled muscle and he gave me a massive amount of percosets (oxy-codone) and was hooked from there on out. My marriage was slipping as she became more corporate and I more of an addict. She was becoming very abusive. Sometimes physically as well as mentally. I was loosing my self and becoming very self destructive. To brief it up, I have been in a downward spire for a long time and the ground is getting near. The end of my 21 yr marriage was very very ugly and have never gotten right since then, at least I won’t need detoxed but the crack has all but killed me and I am broke and the creditors are calling. I am checking into Western State Mental Hospital tomorrow as a suicide watch. Hopefully I will end up in some sort of inpatient rehab. Just need time off the streets and some strait time. Some help with direction. Forty year ago this would have been called a nervous break down. A meltdown is a better term. Reality is so unpleasant I hit it with stronger and stronger substances in combination, 5 today including Penio Giorgio and cocaine. I cannot go on like this. Have lost 20 pounds in 3 months. I feel like I am weak for doing this and am ashamed. But I do it for others as well. Some of my friends have good connections with the institution and things could go will for me. Tomorrow I become certified crazy. Oh what a proud day. I am fearful and hopeful at the same time. My friends’ want me institutionalize for a while. So if you don’t here from me I am either dead or in the nut house. At the point of simplicity of decision, start getting back up or self annihilation. Need a lot of help, have danced on the edge so long I no longer know what normal is. I hope they will let me use my cameras in rehab. Keep paint, drawing,, gluing, sculpting, jewelling, or what ever you do. Please do not think poorly of me, I do enough of that myself. Any support you have given has been appreciated. I feel like I almost have a family here. Thank You. Good luck with life


Beautiful work!


Hey hello, hows by you


Wonderful painting style......I really like the womans eyes.Very magnetic.....................BLADE.

Monyaneba ( Deleted user )


iangordon ( Deleted user )

I was wondering if anyone throughout this site has ever received an enquiry from a buyer, gallery owner, or similar?

Duffyart ( Deleted user )



great site!

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