Nayana "The most fundamental reason one paints is in order to see." -Brett Whiteley

Age: 37
Hometown: Massachusetts
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Education College graduate
Children Someday

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BiographyI've lived in almost as many places as years that I have been alive. I've been an artist since birth working in everything from drawing and painting to photography, sculpture and collage. My life experiences are what shape my work. I attended college for photography but have chosen to pursue my career in painting. I am also the curator and co-director for d.ART gallery in Massachusetts. We pride ourselves in presenting uniquely talented artists. I am always looking for artists, however I do not show artists just because they are my friends, the work needs to be able to stand on its own. Work is always seporate from friendship and my gallery is always seporate from my own artwork. I show in other galleries, professionalism is extremely important.
InterestsArt, Music and so much more.
Musicall diferent kinds, its really all about the skill of the musician and being able to relate to the material.
Filmstoo many to mention here.
Televisionno crap, just things like The Simpsons, Real Time with Bill Maher, Robot Chicken...
Bookstoo many to mention here, I need more shelves at home.


Currently represented by Green Trees Gallery - Augusta Savage Gallery - UMass Amherst campus - Invitation only group show - scheduled for October 2007 and to travel to Camaroon South Africa in the spring of 2008 ----------------------------- Northeast Fine Art Jurried Exhibition - Green Trees Gallery - Northfield, MA - group jurried show - February - March 2007 ---------------------------Kanvas - solo exhibition - 219 Ninth Avenue, NY NY - Noveber 20th 2006 - January 2nd 2007 ------------------- Valley Art - Easthampton, MA -Solo Exhibition - December 2006 --------------------------------- Remembering our past -Goodlander Gallery - Easthampton, MA - Solo Exhibition - Sept. 2006 ---------------------------------- America the Beautiful -Goodlander Gallery - Easthampton, MA - Group Exhibition - Aug. 2006 ----------------------------------Northeast Fine Art Jurried Exhibition - Green Trees Gallery - Northfield, MA - Juried Exhibition - Mar.-April 2006 ----------------------------------------- Greenfields Market Gallery - Greenfield, MA - Solo Exhibition - April 2006 ------------------------------- Cafe Koko Gallery - Greenfield, MA - Solo Exhibition - Oct. 2003 ------------------------------Greenfield Community College - Greenfield, MA - Group Exhibition - fall 2001 ------------------------------Greenfield Community College - Greenfield, MA - Group Exhibition - spring 2000 -------------------------------The Royal Observatory - Edinburg Scotland - Group Exhibition - Spring 1995

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Hey Nayana, I love your work. You can see!!!! Be good to yourself. B2


hola. very very good paintings and photos. Congratulations


nice work love the color you use in them wow


Hello Nayana I hope all is well with you. I wanted to let you know that I've added some new images let me know what you think. Nevet


nice work


Merry Christmas and a wonderful happy new year!


just stoping to see new work beautiful.. happy holidays


join my network: for creative people check it out


nice work, you rock! Giuliano cavallo


Hey Nayana, How bout dem Red Sox. I love your new paintings. They are very moving. Just wanted to say hey! Be good to yourself.B2


Nayana, you paint very-very nice pictures! Andrey


I am going to tell you a story of Painter. H e lives in a small apartment very Spartan. Piles of paintings. Even his studies were fun. But he loved the role of the aging Irish artist. Good man. We have the best Irish in the world hear in America, I still say the Indians were here first. Nice people too. I am very proud to be an American. Funny I also think of us as a colony. I have been looking at all your paintings and the talent is the entire spectrum of mediums. It is a pleasure to be amongst your. I am honored to be amongst you. There are imaiges here I am envious that that I did not create them and I love them. My Irish buddy in Cincinnati had 4,000 paintings removed from stretchers and was friends with a nun. Every room was piles of paintings.. Was accused of hit and run on the way to his house but that is a whole other story. That is story of Painter. In some gallery I have here. All sleep well. TOX


Nice work. Regards, Bud C


hello Nayana, just had alook at your work and read your profile, absolutly love your black and white photography especially your amsterdam images. Much in awe of your skills. Chris


your paintings are absolutely wonderful - sparse yet full of meaning. Margaret, Artist at Work,


Hi Nayana! "Time to Leave" is splendid. The technic and colors is very interesting. I'm really impressed. Congratulations. JCCarraz


Hi Nayana, Very nice work - Alone is really cool - I have a piece on that theme. Best wishes, Joe


beautiful works +10 keep doing


love 'in the streets' , nets


Oh, and I forgot to say Anna Mosity is (are?) great!

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