NightChild ~I only have the best of me insane~

Age: 29
Hometown: Bucharest
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Interests and Personality

Biography Welcome to where time stands still... No one leaves and no one will.. Moon is full, never seems to change Just labelled mentally deranged... Dream the same thing every night.. I see our freedom in my sight. No locked doors, no windows barred. No things to make my brain seem scarred.. Sleep my friend and you will see.. That dream is my reality... They keep me locked up in this cage.. Can't they see it's why my brain says rage.. All I am is all I'll be... Can't be much more than me... Deep-end failing tragedy.. All I am is all I'll be..

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Hi NightChild. Welcome !! All the best-Have a Happy Valentine Day !Yoram

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cool biography, long live the 'tallica'!


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Welcome to ART Paradise .

Dish ( Deleted user )

cool profile picture, i look forward to seeing more stuff, let me know when you post some, cheers Dish


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