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Hometown: Mannheim
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The pictures shown by me are from the series "person" (anatomy of melancholy). Between photo and painting, between art and science "person" tries to provide the series.

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"Happy Think" gallery was really cool, I love all the colors. Keep creating! Visit my site when you get the time, I do abstracts too.


forms and style are excellent, Thank you


forms and style are excellent, Thank you

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Very unique works Philleicht. My favorites are "DESIRED CONSTELLATION " and "bad follows good".


Hi Phillleicht, how have you been?. . hope you still remember me. BTW, here's something different for a change and do check on this site. . an opportunity of a lifetime! Register and invite your family and friends before July 15, here's d site: . . . and to see just how big, watch the latest broadcast:


Hi! your artwork "modestus" is simply fabulous. Good array of techniques. Best regards. Visit my site in MAP: click jccarraz.

LOZMAR ( Deleted user )

hi, was just browsing and came across your page...really good, enjoyed it very much! Keep it up!

angellstar ( Deleted user )

very different and absolutely wonderful. I enjoyed your gallery


HI, Deine Bilder haben etwas. Wirken und sind ausdruckstark. Einen leiben Gruß. Sven


Beautiful work!


Gerade, überprüfend aus Ihrer kunst, mach weiter so. William Boyer


Thanks for your comment. Nice work Bro----Albany majid


loved very much this one"stupescere"- even though i don't know what it means (the word) but the piece is beautifull. daniela


Hi There! Love Jeu. It is truly an amazing piece of work. Good luck with the future.


Very moving work - I love it! Your Anatomy of Melancholy touch me...I could almost see myself in them.


Exellent nudes, mainly "stupescere".Visit my gallery or site I would like your responce


Your works are excellent.


your portfolio is incredible!!!


Stunning work. I love it. Jeanne

kimmcelhinney ( Deleted user )

Your work is very interesting, what media do you work in? There is an element of collage, as if the fragments of thought come together on the canvas to create the final piece... Please elaborate! :)

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