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Age: 62
Hometown: new orleans
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BiographyThe muses are consistent mysteries...... I most ardently woo..........
Interestsmy literary blog

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Thanks, I like your bells of St. Mary and the red fish red plate.


Two new paintings, 'Banana' and 'Louisiana Blue Iris'. 9'x3'. This is a reversible mural for my alley. They can be seen in 'Paintings' and in the 'New Trouble' galleries.


Private messages are showing up as 'deleted user' hence, I cannot respond or know who you might be. The map 'authorities' have been alerted but, in the meantime public messages will have to do.


i like the red on red, it makes me think of how the world is getting transparent in all things.


Hello "SallyMae" Good night, once I put a note on my blog of art in graphic design is called "Theme Composition Moderna1." When you have time take a look at the background ... A greeting "metalcrezy"


Thanks Sally Mae


Hey SallyMae, thanks for not giving up on me! I've been off this site for a long time. Am loving your new garden art, super cool and very inspirational. I've had a bit of a creative block on the photography but just getting back into it now. Have also been doing some ceramics, so I'll post a new gallery soon. Hugs to you xx


Dear SallyMae, Thanks for your visit to my paintings. I've looked at your work and I like your colours very much. Kind regards, Marlena.


Mahalo for the welcome. And your kindwords about my SP.


Thank u so much respected sally mem....for looking my work.....


New Painting 'Pears On Copper Plate'. camera can't pick up the lusciousness of the turquoise


Thank You.


Great paintings :) I like the details and colours you put into your art!


I am working with acrylic colours like watercolor


Hi SallyMae, thats for the message... I ve been busy on another site these last months- if you want to have a look at my latest work. Best wishes always Dora - Hope your summer isn't anywhere as hot as ours... 41 C here phew...


Hi Sally Mae, love the new work like alley aswell as Camellia. Sorry haven't been on in a long while work has been busy with wet brushes all over the place!! Love to you my dear from the UK Susiexxxx


new painting, 'Camellia In Silver Bowl' in New Trouble and Painting galleries

domig08 ( Deleted user )

Thank you for your kind compliment, congratulations with your art work! Have a beautiful day :)


Amazing paintings and Garden!

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