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Age: 53
Hometown: Seimsfoss
Accepts Commissions: Yes
Logged in: No

Number of Visits: 8006
Vik and a young boy

Background and Lifestyle

Marital Status Married
Smoker Yes
Drinker Yes
Education Self Taught
Children Proud parent

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BiographyBorn in 1966 in Rotterdam. Moved from Holland to Norway in 2004. Inspiring environment, this country! Typical for me is, I have so many ways of looking at things that I just can't choose one way of creating. One day it is almost painfully precise and the other day I need space, bigger movements, have lots of ideas and forget the small brushes ;-) A lot more of my work is shown on (dutch webside)
InterestsObviously drawing and painting, Taekwondo, reading, playing the piano, singing, horseriding, walking my dog, working with wood, sculpture....a lot!
MusicQueen Pink Deep Purple Jazz and many many other kinds of music
TelevisionNCIS Medical doc. House Discovery channel, National Geografic, Animal planet
BooksDetectives and thrillers
HeroesFreddy Mercery (fantastic musician!)


small local ones....

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Thank You Very Much, Sara! Cheers&Success!


Great Work! Cheers&Success


thank you very much dont worry i will be staying here for good...I think this is a good site for artists...


Fantastic work Sara,look forward to seeing more.


Your paintins are beautiful.


Thank you for you nice words Sara! All the best, Shefqet

Lime ( Deleted user )

Wonderful ART Sara.


how are the herring ? MMMM SWIRL XX

Duffyart ( Deleted user )

Hello ; ) x

Duffyart ( Deleted user )

Hello ;) x


Heh Sara...mmmm been busy too and not spending time at this 'box'.....What beautiful are very generous and it does mean heaps...for me the best success is when others find something of value in m work...I feel so blessed to have this 'love' in my life. I had a look thru your gallery again...said it before but your horses are so emotionally charges....I have a special love there of course but they truly are inspiring.....I will be back again...pretty tied up till end of June..then a whole new chapter in the book...hahaha! hope you are enjoying life..XXXXXX Blaze

Duffyart ( Deleted user )

lol...Thank you Sara....I had a real stinker of a Hangover that day lol...Keep up the great work Chris ;) x


MY FRIEND >from Ireland say's NO LUCK it is preparation for opportunity ! COOL EH ? i had the opportunity that day to walk in DAN & JOANNE'S forest that day BIGGER D came with his super CAM the poor liitle deer was staying still by instinct did not move until B D startled it >> that was his excuse for more ACTION photo's he has more i hope to share . thanks to you in the NORS country ! x swirl


Sara ,swirl sends love tu you today. thanks eh! swirl


Hi Sara, I hope you will have much fun on your visit! Herring is there the whole year long nowadays and always delicious. Only the 'new herring' has a certain date, it has become more a folkloristic thing, the ships sailing in with the new herring. We all know that the old ones are the best! :)


Hi Sara! Have a wonderful day! :))) HAHAHAHAHA


the piece of yours >>> to tight . some fun for you ! ya the herring salty things eh? lol haha what if HOLLAND hears this ????? sales go up or down < > ? we have HOT DOG carts here ! lol ladies use mustard & ketchup, relish on it ? lol a pretty picture ?? lol thanks for being yourself eh! love swirl xo


sara my brothers piece is in my guests artists works ! now , you will see some similar ideas in your gallery i left a critique on one ? swirl


hi sara met you at seaborns love your work and ideas thanks feel free to visit The Swirl Gallery at swirls take care eh! swirl

Seaborn ( Deleted user )

Hello Sara, I saw you on the "online page" when I was there too and I just clicked the link. Am I glad I did! What a beautiful paintings you show us! So many different themes, you must be a very happy person to have all that beauty in your life! Thanks for sharing! **Joyce**