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Age: 58
Hometown: Farnham
Accepts Commissions: Yes
Logged in: No

Number of Visits: 20203

Background and Lifestyle

Marital Status Married
Smoker No
Drinker No
Education Grad / professional school
Children Proud parent

Interests and Personality

BiographyBorn 1960, in Cambridgeshire I gained a BA Hons in Fine Art Printmaking in 1981 from West Surrey College of Art and Design. I have since worked on commissions from all over the world and have exhibited countrywide. I have my own range of greeting cards and take workshops with children which has lead to the designing of art projects for festivals and shops.
InterestsMy work is concerned with Flowers growing naturally and the inter-relationship of plant forms in nature. Poppies, Lilies, Clematis, Anemones and Peonies figure predominately in my work, along with the close-up aspect and fine detail found in nature. The vibrant colours of flowers have always fascinated me and I find that Watercolour is the perfect medium to capture their qualities.
MusicStevie WOnder Santana Gabriel Texas Maroon 5 Fall out Boy My Chemical Romance
HeroesCharles Rennie Mackintosh Elizabeth Blackadder Paul Hogarth Graham Clark My husband Stuart who is my best friend and my son Danny who I love so much and am so proud of. People who can be themselves whatever life throws at them.


PLANNED/FORTHCOMING EXHIBITIONS 2008 Red Gate Gallery London February 22-28th Farnham Art Society, Spring Exhibition Art in The Community Farnham The Earth Collection May Art In Action The Mill Studios Guildford May-June 2007 Farnham Art Society, Spring exhibition (April) Society of Floral Painters (June) Hackwood Arts Festival (June) Surrey Artist Open Studio (June) Priors Field Art Auction (June) Farnham Library (July) Vivartis Autumn Arts Festival (September) Farnham Art Society Autumn Exhibition (October) 2007 Clyde & Co., Guildford - 'Art @ Work' scheme. The Big Draw Artist In The Shop Window Guildford (October-November) Christmas Open Exhibition West End Centre Aldershot (November-December) 2006 Farnham Art Society, Autumn exhibition. Farnham Maltings, Surrey Open Artists Open Studio. 1988 Royal Parade Gallery, London (also 1989 to 1991). Lion & Lamb Gallery, Farnham (also 1989 to 1997). 1987 Lizard Gallery, Farnham. Farnham Arts Society (also 1988 to 1992). Allen Gallery, Alton – One Man Show. South Farnborough Gallery, Farnborough (also 1988). 1986 Church Street Interiors, Farnham (also 1987). Calleva Gallery, Wellington (also 1987 to 1989). 1985 Hunt Gallery, Godalming. 1984 Redgrave Theatre, Farnham. Mounts and Mitres, Camberley. The Barbican, London. Casson Gallery, London (also 1985 to 1988). 1983 Ash Barn Gallery, Petersfield (also 1984 and 1985). Thursley Exhibition (also 1984) – Received Best Watercolour Award 1983. Elizabeth Gallery, London. Cylinder Gallery, London. 1982 Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour (also 1983). The Arts Centre, Cranleigh. New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham (also 1983 to 1991). 1981 Institute of Education, London. Frensham Heights School, Farnham.

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Hi Susie. Thanks a lot for your kind comment! Warm regards. Lia


awww wwow ur work is really carm and paceful u fill that ur really there.....u are a true artist.....i love nature and i love the shop paintin.....coz they are the lovly villige type of shop....if u get wot i main and i love that...i mostly just draw coz really the only art am good at but i wish i could hav such talent as u u made my day xxxmrs.lovettxxx


OK you have convinced me to plant some popies


Have been planting flowers like crazy at the new house I am moving to. My old family home. Very modist and affordable. Planted two clemetis and I love the snap dragons, the tall ones. Lupins do not grow here. Do they grow in Fornham? Love John


Put my house up for sale. Have to get out of the inner city. Too many temptations for me. Working hard at getting the house ready. Moving just outside the city where I can have a garden and fish pond again. Got out of the drug bussiness and getting straight. Little dopesick but no big deal. still look grey but some color is coming back. Want to get back into images again but have to get this house ready. How is your health, Are you fully recoverd? Hope so. What is new? L TOX

jh ( Deleted user )

Thank you Susie, beautiful work.


Oh! SO HAPPY! You are here again! Heard Spring has finally sprung in your world (after trashing the Daffs). Remember to breathe, girlfriend! And, oh, how so you paint!


How could I be mad at you mu lovely? Just missed being able to get hold of you with thesite fuckup that kept me away. My plate is to full. Am quite overwhelmed. But did put up another galler "spring 08' l John


Have not writen. Have I offended you? Miss hearing from you. Love the Flower Heart. L john


ps the doc was on TVO a public tele station here in Ontario Canada


dear Suzie i viewed a doc about Georgia O'Keeffe American artist cica 1929 to 1989 ? her work made me think of you . do you know of her work. there is now a museum in Sante fe new mexico , a must see try online ? love to susie Swirl ! xx


Hi Susie, Welcome Back! so glad you finally got your page sorted out. Natasha :)


Just dropped by to say HI and to see if you are feeling better? Deborah


well well i gave enough messages to sarah ,tried to start a boycott but no body caught on .then of course always caught up in my own es achh eye tee .very glad to see you ,i have been doing maple syrup here for 3 weeks will end tonight .ps love the new portrait Susie, have had Susie the Goddess do a logo for Cafe Gringo Loco .it is in guest artists gallery you should e mail your galley to some address and save it if you mail me a pic i would love to have you as a guest artist ! so nice to see you back Suzy .will keep in touch love Swirl XXXX OOOOO BIG HUGS


What the hell happened that you could not get on? Really did miss you. L john


really, really /really,relly missed you. Tell me what is new. Love John

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Wahoo! Great to have you back! I hope you have been well. Any new work lately? Have fun catching up. ~Mare


hi Susie , hope your well swirl has few new pics for you , thanks for your encouraging words Susie. take care eh! swirl

Ted ( Deleted user )

Hi Susie so happy you are feeling ted


things are going well cept trying to recover finacially from the coke runs. Dug myself a big hole. Have managed to stay away from the crack for a few week except for one minor slip up that did not turn into a run. Still on the opeates and benzos but they are free and I do just enought to sand the edges off of life. I am very high strung and need something. How is your health? You all better? L John

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