YolaRosa "Un espacio sin arte, es un espacio sin alma"

Age: 67
Hometown: Mexico City
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BiographyI was born in Mexico City, according to my chronological data, I am now in the “sixty something” group. I have always thought that peoples’ age should not be measured by the skin but by the heart that inspires the way we see the world, life, the people we love and the work we do everyday. My love for painting has existed since I was a little girl and has persisted until the present, I have never stopped painting since then. As any artist, my work has developed through the years, currently, is very much influenced by the urban scene, the faded walls, streets, the textures that become like traces, witnesses of time that goes by.
InterestsI try to upload some of my inspirations from things I photograph or from other artists and talk about it at my blog. http://yolarosa.blogspot.mx
MusicSounds are also another element that somehow, I have intended to include in my work through the graphic written elements... is like trying to decipher all those sounds that mix as layers one above the other and prevent us from listening clear all that each of them would really want to tell. The colour palette I use is (most of the time) made of strong colours; I like those that make the painting come alive. The impact I intend to provoque in the viewer is that of “love (or hate) at first sight”... I don’t want to let them think, I want my messages to penetrate and go direct to their emotions... straight to their hearts!

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i injoyed viewing your works,62 ,ya photo surely don't look it


Hola YolaRosa. Yes, I like this stile of painting! I have done someting like this, some years ago. You can find it here: http://portalpb.bplaced.net/kreativitaet/kreativitaet.html . Click on Spiritualitaet.


Welcome to the site. nice works.


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