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BiographyI was born near the lion´s colour river , under the constellation of Virgo, in Olivos city, Vicente Lopez County, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have studied in Ciudad Autónoma of Buenos Aires, at Julio A. Roca Normal School; Manuel Belgrano National Visual Arts School and Prilidiano Pueyrredon Superior Arts School. I read and paint since I have seen Light. I don´t live “from this” but “for this” During my whole life I have painted abstract paintings because I think this is the way along which the pure creation goes through The only lineage I recognize and value is Talent. I am persuaded that absolute liberty is absolute loneliness. I am what I do.
InterestsIt isn´t what´s universal but what´s diverse, Neither what´s absolute but what´s relative. They make known from an unrecognizable, unattainable and not planned dynamism, that make them possible, running away from any determined, useless and arrogant speculation that endeavours to establish order in such inaccessible and unruly matters. Those who saw and see a unique Whole or Absolute, were and are mistaken, because there are as many Wholes as Galaxies; and they continue to be mistaken when, from their stupid, irrelevant conceit, attempted and attempt “to prescribe everything” from a selfish and mistaken antropomorphism, that lying confortably in the centre let themselves disqualify those who support and make them possible because Man is a mere copier and reproducer of his environment. Nothing was ever created by Man, in spite of his renaissancist presumtuousness.


BIENNALE INTERNAZIONALE DI FIRENZE 2007 (sp) - Estimado/a Artista, NORMA NAVA Ya en la pasada ediciòn de la Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporàneo de Florencia, el Comitè Interno de la Bienal ha expresado opiniòn favorable para su admisiòn en la exposiciòn. Deseamos con la presente, renovarle la invitaciòn para la pròxima ediciòn 2007. ------------------------------ PRESTIGE INTERNATIONAL REGISTRIES OF OUTSATNDING PROFESSIONALS 2006-2007 NORMA NAVA Congratulations!! It is with great pleasure that we extend to you an invitation to be included in the forthcoming Inaugural Edition of the 2006-2007 of Prestige WHO'S WHO Registries. This Inaugural Edition recognizes those men and women who have achieved success in their respective fields. This special edition of the registry is designed as an outstanding networking source for the American marketplace as well as a world wide source for the Who's Who of global decision makers. We believe your accomplishments, as a highly respected professional in your field, merit very earnest and intense consideration for inclusion. On behalf of Prestige WHO'S WHO Registries, we wish you continued success. Sincerely, PATRICIA KELLY Board of Directors Prestige Whos Who Registries, LLC Art and Design http://www.prestigewhoswho.com/profiles/nnava ------------------------ Artista NORMA NAVA: Associazione Federico II eventi si pregia di inviarLe bando di concorso per la seconda edizione del Premio Internazionale di pittura "FEDERICO II" , la contattiamo dopo aver preso visione delle sue opere ed averle ritenute degne del concorso in oggetto. Il concorso 2006 vede i patrocinii di: Presidente Onorario : Green Princes Trust e del Corpus Saecularium Principum di Edinburgh Principessa Yasmine Hohenstaufen (discendente di Federico II di Svevia), Premio internazionale di pittura - ”FEDERICO II” ------------------------------Artist Norma Nava Based on a first internal preselection we are pleased to invite and encourage you to join our 2007 "Palm Art Award". Learn about the general terms for this prestigious funding competition (update as from July 4). Please, enter the code in the application form under "Comments". With kind regards, Julika Götte Prequalification Commission A R T D O M A I N G A L L E R Y Palm Art Award Who's Who in Visual Art Lessingstrasse 24 D-04109 Leipzig, Germany Phone: 0049-(0)341-2682488 www.art-domain.com ----------------------------- Córdoba, Argentina.JULY 2006 Dear Visual Artist Norma Nava, Found out its work quality, we considered your incorporation in the book "CONTEMPORARY ART, IMAGES AND CRITIC" produced by ATcultura. Biographies and images of artists ; commentaries by prominents reviewers,messages and essays of Contemporary Art, will be distribuited on first universities and museums of the world. Book will be edited in bilingual ( Spanish and English). Artists invited to take part of edition, will invite by a selection criteria of quality. Best regards. Dipl. Ricardo Lescano Grosso, Director. AT cultura. ------------------------------- Dear NORMA: Of the two contemporary artists I have learned something, you are one. Best wishes Maarten Jansen(C)2005 Beeldrecht and Foundation(Stichting Beeldrecht) http://www.paintings.name/artists/norma-nava/. ------------------------------Norma NAVA Thanks for making such a terrific contribution to the international artistic and poetic community. My students who are studying abstract art will find Norma's work inspirational! Best wishes, Steve Feld Mona Lisa Select Site Award NEWTONS CASTLE ------------------------------ INVITO SPECIALE MOSTRA DI ARTISTI INTERNAZIONALE a Santa Severina ( Calabria, Italia) Cosenza: Centro Studi Gianfranco Labrosciano Cosenza Sunday May 20, 2007 - Wednesday June 20, 2007 artists: Nilgun Akyol, Nataliya Derev'Yanko, Boros Emanuela, Francesco Gentile, Dinko Georgiev, Gianni Iannitto, Vassilios Ikoutas, Julia Lutter, Alvaro Mejias, Mirta Benavente Mireleb, Norma Nava, Giuseppina Pepe, Hamdija Zahirovic MOSTRA DI ARTISTI INTERNAZIONALE Il Centro Studi per l'Arte Contemporanea "Gianfranco Labrosciano" ha inteso organizzare in collaborazione con il Comune di Santa Severina ( Calabria, Italia) attività artistiche di carattere internazionale da svolgersi nelle sale del Castello del medesimo Comune. ------------------------------ Dear Ms. Norma NAVA, We would first like to thank you for your great work subscribing before. We found the classified total of the 8th Annual Grand Prix votes, and you are awarded a Bronze prize ("PATAGONIA 1"). Congratulations!! You will receive a certificate of merit and prize in the near future. We look forward to your fantastic works again. Best wishes, Webmaster - Inter-Art Museum Everything you need to art work the web. Every day. SAKURA MUSEUM---JAPAN NOVEMBER 2006 ------------------------------- Meraviglioso, Ho apprezzatto con entusiasmo tutti I suoi lavori, visionari, cosmici, il mondo non sara lo stesso dopo che lo hanno guardato gli occhi di Norma Nava. Andrea MICHETTI--artist--Equilibriarte.Org--ITALIA ------------------------------ TO NORMA NAVA THE VOICE OF RUSSIA - RADIO WORLD EMISSION IN SPANISH Dear Norma: We need your photo FOR the book " 75th anniversary of the emission in Spanish from Moscow -RUSSIA ". We wait FOR it by e-mail FOR my email safina@vor.ru Thousand hugs of Asia and of the whole group of the service in Spanish. ASIA SAFINA - CHIEF EDITOR -------------------- 105 website awards-february 2007 ------------------------ You can search my works in 66 international websites ------------------------ MY BLUE FLAG BIENNAL 2007 OF THE END OF THE WORLD-USHUAIA-ARGENTINA-ORGANIZED : AAVRA(VISUAL ART ARGENTINE ARTISTS).Selected argentine artists made their flag choosing a rainbow color.The subject is the PIRACY that robs and depredace the ATLANTIC SOUTH OCEAN, the subsoil and the patagonian rainforests condemning to the extinction to many species.The flags symbolize the WHIPALA OF THE INCAS in the SOUTH AMERICAN ANDES. Flag size: 4 mts. X 2.50 mts.each one. APRIL 2007 ----------------------- Dear Norma Nava We are pleased to announce that your artworks(Patagonia I,Patagona serial3-Stardust,Crepusculo y aurora )have qualified to the next stage of the second edition of artperiscope.com competition. APRIL 2007------------- Rafal Pospiech ul. Pomorska 10 42-200 Czestochowa Poland -------------------------- APRIL 2007 Congratulations to the first five artists selected by our panel FOR “The Best of 123Soho 2007 Art Show". They are Olga Dmytrenko, P Cartier, Gerard Boersma, Yonova Severina, and Norma Nava. Please keep in mind that these were culled from over 1,730 works of art, most of which were of very high caliber, and that the submissions were not limited to the United States , but are international in origin. The order in which the artists are being displayed, is not indicative of the quality of the work. ------------------------

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Abstracta,you have strong imagination and good sense of creativity !!!


Abstracta,you have strong imagination and good sense of creativity !!!


((rosedesmond25real@yahoo.com)) How are you today? I hope you are fine. My name is Miss Rose Desmond. I am single looking for honest and nice person. Somebody who i can make friend with. today i saw your profile at www.myartprofile.com and became interested in you. I don't care about your color, ethnicity, Status or Sex. Upon your reply to this mail I will tell you more about myself and send you more of my picture. I'm sending you this beautiful mail, with a wish for much happiness.this is my email (rosedesmond25real@yahoo.com) I am looking forward to hear from you.please contact me directly to my box i have more to tell u there.. Warm regards, Miss Rose.


I with pleasure have got acquainted with your creativity. I shall be glad to show you my ENAMEL MOSAIC and to receive your response. Andrey


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wow...absolutely luve ur work!

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Interesting and good works...


Hello, ABSTRAKTA. I, very much, enjoyed visiting your work, today. It's all beautiful, but "EVKARIOTA" was my favorite. Stunning!


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