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Featured Artists

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

In the next few days we will be featuring 3 artists on the home page. Please visit their profile pages and leave lots of lovely messages for them. If you want to be featured then send an email with your profile name (or URL) to the editor. We are hoping to feature 3 new artists every month or so and for those that we do feature, it will be a real boost to the visitors to your profile pages.

MyArtProfile Blog

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

If you are reading this you are reading the new MyArtProfile Blog. To make this blog a lot more interesting we are inviting artists that are registered on MyArtProfile to become contributers. We are looking for stories about the artists that use MyArtProfile  and the art on display here and stories about the art world in general. We believe that this can become an exciting blog that will generate PR for MyArtProfile and raise the profile of the site and its users.

If you are interested in contributing to the new blog, or if you have any questions then please use our new contact form to let us know.

Site Improvements

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Today we’ve gone live with some improvements for - the first of many nice improvements that are planned for the site. The main ones are:

*** New and improved support and contact page. Use this if you want to send us a message, request assistance or enquire about advertising on You’ll get a ticket so that you can keep track of your enquiry.

*** New and improved site blog. We’re looking for contributers to the MyArtprofile blog - if you would like to write about life on please use the contact form to let us know. More information about the blog will follow soon.

*** New and improved ‘Delete’ public message tool. 1-click and it dissapears. Use with care!

*** New ‘Rename Gallery’ tool. It does what it says on the tin.

We are looking for a new artist to feature on the homepage. Do you want to to be featured? Or do you want to recommend another artist? If so then let us know via our new contact form.

With your help we’re going to put MyArtProfie on the map this year and you’ll benefit from the increased publicity that the site will get. Please feel free to send your comments and feedback about your experiences. Maybe you would like to suggest an improvement to the site or would like to get involved with promotion. I want to know what you think so please get in touch.

Please visit our support page if you have any questions, support or advertising requests.

Many thanks

The MyArtProfile Team

Under New Management

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 is now under new management. But don’t panic! The people that are now responsible for maintaining this site have been involved from the beginning and there are no plans for any major changes or restyling of the site. We know that you love it just the way it is!

We do however intend to provide some new and useful tools, for example the ability to delete public messages with a single click. We are also investigating ways in which you can trade your art here.

Please watch this space for further announcements.

International Artists Day 2007

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Please review

Over the last couple of years the Guys over at International Artists Day have started an initative
held each Oct 25th worldwide and they were wondering if our great group of Artists at MyArtProfile might help promote this great idea.

There website says the following: 

October 25th every year has been selected as International Artists Day. 

This worldwide tribute to artists will honor and bring recognition to the contributions they have made to civilization. 

Everyone around the world can do something special on that day to enhance the visual arts: take an artist to lunch, host an exhibition, buy a piece of art, attend a gallery show, visit a studio of your favorite artist.

So, when you have a spare minute take some time to check them out.



Did You Know?

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Hi Artists

Did you know that the more written information you have on your MyArtProfile page, the more likely you are to be picked up by Search Engines (Google, Yahoo etc).

Recently, I have been analising the keyword searches where people have landed on our pages and I have noticed that search engines are picking up on the text left in Biographies, Public Messages and even Heroes where you have added someone famous.

You can increase your chances of being randomly selected by also adding your myartprofile url to your biography page (ie.

So dont be shy, tell the world about you, fill out your biographies, etc.

After all, it’s Free!


Design a Logo and Banner

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Hi Artists

Since MyArtProfile launched back in February 2007, we have had the pleasure of making some really great friends. We would very much like to involve some of our friends in using their creative talents to design a new Logo and Banner for MyArtProfile.

As a guide, the Logo needs to be square and fit into the same place as it occupies above left of the homepage, plus it will be used as a default image for Artists whom havent uploaded their avartar. It must be universally recognisable and reversible.

The Banner must fit across the top of the homepage in place of the current advertising and include a strap line. You decide!

Please send them in to

The creator of the chosen logo/banner will receive Homepage recognition and all designs will be posted to this Gallery for all to enjoy.

MAP is very pleased to involve anyone who wishes to offer their kind assistance.
Final copyright will obviously need to be granted to MAP. So please only send in your designs if you are content with this.


Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Hi Artists

MyArtProfile would like to inform those of you that enjoy quality wines, that we have a new partner website.
It’s called Quality Wine Inc and its an exciting New Concept for anyone who appreciates wine and having fun.

At customers:
- Buy Rare and unique wines from small farms around the world.
- Receive tasting Notes and Recipes, offering you the chance to enjoy wines and develop your palette. The Wines are chosen for consumption right now, not some time in the distant future.
- To reward your loyalty, Quality Wine offers you the chance to participate in their loyalty programme, where you are rewarded for your custom and for recommending others (although this is not compulsory). See below.
- Subscription is FREE, and rewards earned from the Loyalty Programme are sent within 7 days .
This is what Quality Wine says:
        Many Wine lovers are limited to purchasing goods from Super Stores and Wholesalers. These super-buyers purchase goods from distributors large enough to keep them supplied. Quality Wines Inc was created to give Wine appreciators the chance to try the lesser known, high quality wines from independent growers around the world.
At they have made Wine exciting, fun and enjoyable by integrating a fantastic Loyalty Programme.
- If you would like to join me please feel FREE to follow this link, there is a 7 page presentation which explains all. It’s real simple!
- Quality Wine currently has visitors from all over the world and has a great opertunity for customers to earn rewards which could help to fund their creative talents.
- As King Solomon said, “A man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and be merry.”

Thankyou Artists

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Due to the kind and generous Artists/Members on this open website, MyArtProfile has covered all server costs. With your continued help and support MyArtProfile will use all donations to develop this site and provide every service that Artists might require, FREE.

With future donations MyArtProfile will provide:

A ’Commission FREE’ fully integrated merchant sales facility FREE Downloadable Resourses and other materials for your own private exhibitions/marketing  A FREE Live forum for Artists to chat News content Video upload facilities, where you talk viewers through your Gallery

 If you would support MyArtProfile in its quest to FREELY provide all facilities for Artists then please Donate via the link on the Homepage. Thankyou! Sarah.X

Original Message Below…

Imagine a world in which everyone can share freely in the appreciation of Art…..  


  MyArtProfile is devoted to sharing free facilities for Art Lovers. Using the internet as a way to welcome artists from all around the world to inspire and appreciate the creative talents within one another. These efforts are supported through the gererosity of Artists like You, who believe that creative talent means freedom and that the appreciation of Art and Artists should always be FREE……

If you are enjoying our service and would be willing to assist us in maintaining this website for FREE. Please click on the DONATE button to the right on the homepage. Any contributions are most welcome.

MyArtProfile would like to stress that this is in no way compulsory, please only Donate if you can afford to.

Thankyou! Sarah.X



Uploading Images

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Hi Artists,

Recently, some of you Guy’s have emailed me regarding difficulties uploading images.

If you have experienced problems, try re-copying your image in Photoshop (or similar image manipulation software).

Then re-try uploading the new image. 99 times out of 100 this works just fine.


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