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Studio Art Shop

Monday, February 19th, 2007

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Studio Arts

Monday, February 19th, 2007

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MyArtProfile meets Ernest Greenwood

Monday, February 19th, 2007

MyArtProfile meets Ernest Greewood

The MyartProfile team visited the former President of the Royal Watercolour Society, Mr Ernest Greenwood at his Kent retreat in Hothfield. Ernest Greenwood was pleased to learn of our website for Artists and is keen to contribute to the site himself.


Ernest was born in 1913 and had celebrated his 94th birthday the day before our interview with him. Yet at a very mature age, he is still very passionate about his own Art and the work of other people.

Ernest has written his book of Art and Life experiences “The Last of seven” and is currently writing his second book of Art Memoirs.


He studied at the Gravesend School of Art, at the R.C.A. 1931-35, at the British School in Rome, also in Paris and Copenhagen.

Ernest was 18 when he attended the Royal College of Arts and was taught by many famous tutors.

An individual style:

When Ernest left the RCA he had adopted the medium of watercolor to paint his portraits and landscapes. Yet he felt that he needed a new style of painting that was individual to him. He started to experiment in painting with a wash of watercolor and then applying white acrylic to show luminosity on the canvas. He then continued to make up several layers of under painting on top of the watercolor wash. This method of under painting is a famous style of oil painters, but had never been used to mix with other mediums before.

“Where is this landscape?”

Ernest would sketch wherever he went. He showed us many sketchbooks that he would carry around with him and anytime he paused for a minute he would sketch whatever he could see. Several pocket sketchbooks demonstrated small sketches of people in shops, individuals waiting in airport lounges and horses in fields.

He would then merge several different landscapes into one piece. By doing this he would create a landscape of make-believe. He stated that he would sell several pieces of work to individuals and they would walk for miles to try and search for the landscapes that he had painted. Little did they know that they were always a mixture of several destinations and did not really exist….

The Royal Watercolor Society:

Ernest was the President of the Royal Watercolor Society for 8 years and was responsible for the Society owning their own Gallery space in London, which is still open now and is located in the modern South Bank location in London.

In 1973 he was invited to be the President and himself and Sir Gerald Glover initiated a cultural element on the famous South Bank.

The existing gallery was located in Conduit Street in London’s West End but the Society was experiencing financial problems. Ernest Greenwood made a National Appeal to aid the finances of the Society and he helped to raise over £100,000 (US$196,000) sterling for the Gallery. After many years of hard work the Royal Watercolor Society opened the new gallery on November 11th 1980 and was opened by Queen Elizabeth II.

A great memory:

Ernest had so many different and interesting stories to tell us when we chatted to him but one that remains vividly enchanted in his memory was when he donated a piece of his work to Prince Charles and Lady Diana, The Price & Princess of Wales, as a gift to celebrate the birth of their first son, William. He personally delivered the Art to Buckingham Palace.

Hang up your palette:

Ernest described to us that he used the same artists palette from when he was 32 years until he was 92 years. The very palette hangs on the wall in his living Room in his house and his Artists Paint Box sits snuggly underneath his sideboard in the same room.

MyArtProfile would like to thank Ernest Greenwood for his warm welcome into his home and for reminiscing with us about his interesting life.

Ernest has asked if we would visit him again and tell him of the happenings of MyArtProfile, to which we would be very heartened to do…

Welcome to My Art Profile

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

The My Art Profile Team wishes to welcome you all to the website.

We are also delighted to see people visiting from 64 countries and territories…

We welcome any suggestions and feedback from our Artists regarding this site, please feel free to email the Team via the contact page.

Keep logging on…


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