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Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Hi Artists

MyArtProfile would like to inform those of you that enjoy quality wines, that we have a new partner website.
It’s called Quality Wine Inc and its an exciting New Concept for anyone who appreciates wine and having fun.

At customers:
- Buy Rare and unique wines from small farms around the world.
- Receive tasting Notes and Recipes, offering you the chance to enjoy wines and develop your palette. The Wines are chosen for consumption right now, not some time in the distant future.
- To reward your loyalty, Quality Wine offers you the chance to participate in their loyalty programme, where you are rewarded for your custom and for recommending others (although this is not compulsory). See below.
- Subscription is FREE, and rewards earned from the Loyalty Programme are sent within 7 days .
This is what Quality Wine says:
        Many Wine lovers are limited to purchasing goods from Super Stores and Wholesalers. These super-buyers purchase goods from distributors large enough to keep them supplied. Quality Wines Inc was created to give Wine appreciators the chance to try the lesser known, high quality wines from independent growers around the world.
At they have made Wine exciting, fun and enjoyable by integrating a fantastic Loyalty Programme.
- If you would like to join me please feel FREE to follow this link, there is a 7 page presentation which explains all. It’s real simple!
- Quality Wine currently has visitors from all over the world and has a great opertunity for customers to earn rewards which could help to fund their creative talents.
- As King Solomon said, “A man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and be merry.”

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