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Did You Know?

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Hi Artists

Did you know that the more written information you have on your MyArtProfile page, the more likely you are to be picked up by Search Engines (Google, Yahoo etc).

Recently, I have been analising the keyword searches where people have landed on our pages and I have noticed that search engines are picking up on the text left in Biographies, Public Messages and even Heroes where you have added someone famous.

You can increase your chances of being randomly selected by also adding your myartprofile url to your biography page (ie.

So dont be shy, tell the world about you, fill out your biographies, etc.

After all, it’s Free!


Design a Logo and Banner

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Hi Artists

Since MyArtProfile launched back in February 2007, we have had the pleasure of making some really great friends. We would very much like to involve some of our friends in using their creative talents to design a new Logo and Banner for MyArtProfile.

As a guide, the Logo needs to be square and fit into the same place as it occupies above left of the homepage, plus it will be used as a default image for Artists whom havent uploaded their avartar. It must be universally recognisable and reversible.

The Banner must fit across the top of the homepage in place of the current advertising and include a strap line. You decide!

Please send them in to

The creator of the chosen logo/banner will receive Homepage recognition and all designs will be posted to this Gallery for all to enjoy.

MAP is very pleased to involve anyone who wishes to offer their kind assistance.
Final copyright will obviously need to be granted to MAP. So please only send in your designs if you are content with this.


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