Thankyou Artists

Due to the kind and generous Artists/Members on this open website, MyArtProfile has covered all server costs. With your continued help and support MyArtProfile will use all donations to develop this site and provide every service that Artists might require, FREE.

With future donations MyArtProfile will provide:

  1. A ’Commission FREE’ fully integrated merchant sales facility
  2. FREE Downloadable Resourses and other materials for your own private exhibitions/marketing 
  3. A FREE Live forum for Artists to chat
  4. News content
  5. Video upload facilities, where you talk viewers through your Gallery

 If you would support MyArtProfile in its quest to FREELY provide all facilities for Artists then please Donate via the link on the Homepage. Thankyou! Sarah.X

Original Message Below…

Imagine a world in which everyone can share freely in the appreciation of Art…..  


  MyArtProfile is devoted to sharing free facilities for Art Lovers. Using the internet as a way to welcome artists from all around the world to inspire and appreciate the creative talents within one another. These efforts are supported through the gererosity of Artists like You, who believe that creative talent means freedom and that the appreciation of Art and Artists should always be FREE……

If you are enjoying our service and would be willing to assist us in maintaining this website for FREE. Please click on the DONATE button to the right on the homepage. Any contributions are most welcome.

MyArtProfile would like to stress that this is in no way compulsory, please only Donate if you can afford to.

Thankyou! Sarah.X



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