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Age: 69
Hometown: Berlin
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BiographyShort Bio: born in 1949, I have lived since 1969 in Berlin/Germany, Diploma in Political Science and Ph.D. in Economics. Up to 1997 I spent about 2/3 of my professional life on research, writing books and teaching, and 1/3 of it producing art. In 1983/4 and 1987-1991 I lived in the USA (Harvard/MA and UNC/NC). 9 years ago I decided to make producing art my main activity and I started to market it. Around the same time I began using the computer as my main drawing tool. I use a PC and a graphic tablet and most of the time "Painter" (Fractal Design/Metacreations/Corel).

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A_Lou_D ( Deleted user )

Thanks for acceptin me add :)

A_Lou_D ( Deleted user )

Fab work :)

GeertWinkel ( Deleted user )

Hoi Bjoern,Mooi werk prachtige soft kleuren,heel anders dan mijn werk,maar toch kan ik van je werk genieten. Groetjes Geert Winkel.


Thank you for your friendship! I really liked your work!


Fantastic work, every gallery is fabulous.


Thank you for your new friendship. I am enjoying looking at your work. You have great creativity.


love your work


Such a wonder. A picture is worth a thousand words so they say. Yup it's true^^.


Thank you very much for befriending me. Love your work, especially Musician and Creatures.


You are my favourite artist at the moment.Very original


Hallo Bjoern, vielen Dank. Mit einem lieben Gruß aus Paris. Sven

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Happy New Year Bjoern. Hope you are well. ~Marianne


Great work!


hey! ^__^ i would really appreciate if you would check out my new artworks "nemesis" and "demon hunter"


thanx so much for making me your friend you have an awesome style!! ^__^


Came across your page; imaginative, colorful, biomorhpic, and weird. Regards, Bud C


Love your photography,outstanding!


Susuie, one of the friends listed at your site, is ill. A get well letter would do her heart good and cheer her up a bit. We live in a world that does not apriciate art. We must care for eachother. L John TOX


serious works! congrats!


saw "boxer" on the homepage.......lovely illustration.....:o)