daughterofgaia 'Let the beauty you love be what you do.' --Rumi

Age: 67
Hometown: Portland, Connecticut
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BiographyHi, everyone! I'm May. I was born in 1951 in beautiful New England, and have always lived there. I have only recently ventured into the visual arts. Mostly retired due to Stage IV breast cancer, I still work part time as an advocate for persons with disabilities. I love my new home by a little brook, with my love John and three very strange (normal) cats. I work primarily in digital collage and photography. I'd love it if you'd visit my blog at RIPENESSREDUX.BLOGSPOT.COM and say hello!
InterestsCollage and other art, graveyards, folk instruments, herbs, tarot, minerals, paganism and other earth-based spirituality, writing, chocolate, cats, everybody's story
MusicBritish Isles and American traditional music, other traditional and folk music, 'Hymnody of Earth' (Malcolm Dalglish), Anonymous 4, classical choral works, Mozart, and at least some of practically every genre there is
FilmsShadowlands, The Piano, The Secret of Roan Inish, Tarnation, Rivers and Tides, Born Into Brothels, The Hours, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Southern Comfort
TelevisionIt mostly sucks
BooksMemoirs and biography; poetry, especially by W.B. Yeats and Wendell Berry; Holy the Firm by Annie Dillard; The Egyptian Book of the Dead, translated by Normandi Ellis; the astonishingly perfect prose of Jane Austen; non-fiction writings on brain biology, genetics, and many other subjects
HeroesMother Teresa; Gandhi; Oskar Schindler; Frodo; my oncologist; Ram Dass, who I thought was a goofball, but who then went out and went through a lot of crap and came back to talk about it humbly.

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Beautiful gallery sweetheART just joined today lol! ;} happy hippy hugglez

CJ8 ( Deleted user )

'The Third Requiem' fantastic photo.


great work'''


Hello to all of my Creative Online Friends, I am asking for a favor.....I have recently had one of my images selected into the first round of the top 60 images in the Lord and Taylor Rose Contest. After being selected then the public has to vote. I was wondering if you would cast a vote for me????? Please!!! If so go to www.lordandtaylor.com look under events, and you will see rose contest there is only one listing with the name Deborah(Photography) THAT ONE IS MINE! Pleae vote, make sure you get to the page confirm your vote for your vote to count. Thank you all in advance! Please vote!!!! Hugs, Deborah


Thanks I’m glad you like my painting. And I have seen your photo, I like it too.Regards Shefqet,


Thanks, AndersAnjou. I know that background's problematic. I wanted to ask the guy to move his truck, for one thing :-)


feel like beautiful bream???


Hello! Finally took the time to look through your work! One picture especially that got my attention... "The Belted Cows"!!! But you know what, I would replace the background with something else... Trye that and see what happens. I think it is interesting that all the cows are looking rather intense on something tha the viewer can´t see!


Super range of really high quality work. I loved your satirical stuff and the gravestone photo most. Margaret, Artist at Work, http://artist-at-work.co.uk


Thanks, Bud and John. John, I'll leave a message at Susie's site. May


What are you up to in your pic? Little mesage I have been leaving for Susie's friends.Susie, one of the friends listed at your site, is ill. A get well letter would do her heart good and cheer her up a bit. We live in a world that does not apriciate art. We must care for eachother. So leave a post on her board if you have time. Put a smile on her face when she gets home from the hospital. L John TOX


Came across your page while exploring the fine art on this website. Very nice work. Regards, Bud


Wow, Sally Mae, thank you so much for giving me those details! I have no art training, and I'm almost afraid to paint...certainly afraid to show much of it on public websites! Dianne, thank you for the compliment! And Ted, you sound like a person I'd really like to know. I'll try to get a few good pics of the darlin' kitties :-)


I luv the 'cedarerotica' with all those twising branches. Dianne

Ted ( Deleted user )

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!!Would you could you be my friend also !!!hahah..i want to see your kitties....love ya ted


what I do with red. you can too. base color of yellow or blue (or both) then glaze glaze glaze (not usually with medium, just wash) and glaze with all the hues I have of transparent reds. Designating one for 'dark' one for light' etc. Did I mention 'glaze'!? endless layers. And as little white as possible.


Thanks, folks! :-)

Ted ( Deleted user )

beautiful work,May.....i love the little fairy......ted


hoping you are shutter clicking away and battened down for 'noel' (as in storm)