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Age: 50
Hometown: Kent
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pouring water

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Marital Status Single
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BiographyBorn in London, but now living in Kent. I wanted to go to Art college when I left school but didn't think I was clever enough at the time! ..20 years later and now in my final year of BA (Hons) Fine Art studies, and realise I should have had more confidence in myself years ago!
InterestsArt and laughing at myself (sometimes at the same time and usually as a consequence of each other!!!)
MusicDon't really have favourites but a quick glance at my cd collection shows INXS, Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, R.E.M, Robbie W, Rolling Stones, Talkingheads, (Neil Sedaka - sad I know, but what can you do?!), Red Hot Chilli Peppers...
FilmsLife of Brian, LOTR, chick-flicks - anything really (but no horror - I'm a wimp)
Televisionurm...don't often have the time, but Dr Who and Torchwood have been firm favourites for the last few years!
Booksanything and everything - Fave classic: Moll Flanders - Fave modern: Shopaholic series
Heroes.....? is springing to mind...ask me again sometime!!!

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Just a quick 'ello............How's life treating ya' ???I'm doing great! If I were a 2 tailed dog, I'd be waggin' both of 'em. Ha ha BLADE.


love image "swooping down"......:-)


Enjoy my videos:


Just posted 3 new songs on myspace..........This would be the other artistic release of mine......but something told me to ask YOUR OPINION.SOoooooooo,Strap yourself in , your going for a ride!!!And remember.....for your own safety, PLEASE, keep your arms & legs inside the ride at all times.he, he, heee. ROCK ON, BLADE.


Just when you thought it was safe to eat that PEPPER.....ha,ha.....How ya doin'???Got a couple new paintings, just posted today......was wonderin' if you would give em' a LOOK-SEE, and let me know whatcha' think? AS ALWAYS...............ROCK ON, BLADE.

Monyaneba ( Deleted user )

Hi there. Great work! Arnisha


hi very nice art wishes


I just finished a new piece tonight, tell me what you think. It's called "Gospel Goddess"


Dear grungystudent, How are you? you can watch all of my work on my personal website as follows: I will be listing many paintings soon...Regards, Poonam

Ysr ( Deleted user )

yeah, lots of rain this year in your neck of the woods huh? I wish we'd get some. Take care Grungystudent! YU


Hi ....Glad you got a chuckle out of WOW...thats a hot pepper. I have much more work but don't think I could post most of it.Last time , security led me out of the building. I took a refreshing dip in your pool, and swam through your lovely gallery.Only coming up for air, as needed. I must say your sculptures are compelling and displayed with beautiful shadows & rich blue tones of light.Then I dove down deeper and your untitled piece of the TREE had me rivited & gazing for what seemed like forever.....I loved it. I wanted to climb straight up to the top and scout around the landscape. Very cool.Must have passed out...never could hold my breath for very long.Woke up on an empty beach with sand up my nose....blah. Anyhow, all kidding aside. You have very nice work....keep on swiming the waters fine. ROCK ON.....BLADE.


Hi Grungy! Love your sense of humour and your Heroes. Don't be too shy about your art. Art schools are only a tiny tool (my father used to teach) and their judgement totally irrelevant: what you have to say is far more important. Keep going! (a good movie: Little Miss Sunshine)

Anatolia ( Deleted user )

Thanx! You have really sensational art works ! Anatolia,

Belinda ( Deleted user )

Hi love the work and good on you for braving the mature student bit Ive just finished doing that and had a ball....really love "In and out the dusty bluebells" really haunting piece wishes Belinda


Love the mountain and waterfall photos! I too am into that and have thousands! I will post some soon.


untitled' is surging wave from your heart and your life story attracts attention , wonderful.


Your life story is just amazing, if you wrote a book, I'd buy it with no doubt. Your art is beautiful, all the best for you Lenka

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

I was just stopping in to say hello and to see what was new when I noticed my last post: "I love "Woods", not on the sculpture itself, but how you photographed it". Im sorry, I had meant to say, "not ONLY the sculpture". Anyway, keep me posted on any new works.


I just finished 3 new pieces this week called "Meditation", "Spiritual Wave" and "Enlightened", tell me what you think. They are located in my "Gallery Tour" last three in that gallery.


Wave and Peace is my favourite! :-)

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