herb every artist is my teacher,they just don't know it

Age: 7
Hometown: cossayuna
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great niece visit

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Biographyi live a simple life,i figure if i can't do it then it will stay undone or broke,

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PatrickBieri ( Deleted user )

Hi Herb! I have done some more of "Impression from New World". It is a pitty, that they are not in the right order...but anyway you can take a look to them on my website portalpb.bplaced.net. God bless! ---Patrick---


thanks for your helpeverythinhg worked out good


Thank you Herb. Great work of yours.

PatrickBieri ( Deleted user )

Me again...have uploaded 4 new paintings in "Impressions from new world". ---Patrick---

PatrickBieri ( Deleted user )

Hi Herb! I have a free weekend and can check your art. Go on!! In the Waldau I can not reach myartprofile, because of a warning message...or because of the fear of this "very special" people, that I wrote you about before! They are soooo stupid :-)))! ---God bless you! Patrick---

PatrickBieri ( Deleted user )

Hi Herb! I have done some new paintings. "Impressions from new world". Ok, they will become better ;-). ---Patrick---

PatrickBieri ( Deleted user )

Sorry for late answer...I have done a description from "morninglight", the special painting in my pictured biografie. Just klick on it and read how it appears. By the way, morninglight is coming know! Anyway that there are some people, that dont like the LIGHT OF GOD, like this one here: http://www.thebeautyofgemina.com/ . Ok, we take this very serious and have placed some "light horses in there dark town". So we were not surpriesed about there announcement :-) . GOD bless you, herb! ---Patrick---

PatrickBieri ( Deleted user )

Hi Herb! How are you and how is winter in cossayuna? ---Patrick---


I wish the new works and works great.


Yow have good work


Thank you


Thank you Herb for your welcome.


Hi herb. I have spent quiet a while working on a new gallery in Penzance Cornwall. Our website is www.mountsbaycontemporary.com If you have time pop by and tell us what you think. Take care.



Flo ( Deleted user )

Hi Herb - thank you for your welcome note. You keep enjoying your laid back life - best sort of life there is. Flo


thank u :)


thanks Herb ^_^


Hi. Thanks to visiting my page and of your kind words. Your art is great!


Thanks your work is great! Keep it up.


Thanks Herb, for the "pilgrim" link ... j

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