huiwencheung In art, I can truly express the highest state of my emotions

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BiographyI am a British born Hakka Chinese Visual Artist. My Inspiration comes from searching for my roots and heritage, looking at all aspects of my identity, from my ethnic group to different cultural values and faith. The book of Revelation in the Bible inspires my work and I was drawn in by the amazing visual description of the living creatures. The newer series of works are more heart felt ideas of feelings about revisiting childhood, the work came about when I stayed with my parents over the summer and it brought back many emotions that I perhaps buried. So I try and capture truth and my aim is to communicate at the highest form to the heart.
Interests"Standing on a cloud is a child surrounded by white birds, wings pushed forward in flight. It's hard to tell if they are there as protection or as an evil menace. They could be angels, yet thanks to Hitchcock and Du Maurier it's difficult to read them as such. For all the child's inherent cuteness, this is undeniably a picture of spiritual unease. Huiwen Cheung makes pastel drawings that are inspired by old photographs of her childhood. In each picture she depicts herself as a toddler, yet her mother and father, dressed in floral prints and bell-bottomed flares could only belong to the 1970s. It is this disquieting sense of detachment between the child and her parents that first disturbs the viewer, and in later pictures becomes the subject of intense psychological drama as the viewer is confronted by religious and supernatural imagery." Jessica Lack, Writer of the Guardian Newspaper, 2005.
MusicHuiwen Cheung gained her MA in Fine Art at the University of Sunderland in 2004 and received a studio award at the Florence Trust Studios’ in London. Recently, she exhibited in a group show ‘Inside Out’ at the Trocedero and was selected for the PAD Scheme at the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester.

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Hi, I am showing some work at Influence, Chapel Row Gallery, Bath 5th-13th January 2008


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Huiwen Cheung is showing work at NEW CHINA GALLERY, New China Club, 37 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1JD (NR Kings Cross Station) Open 11am- 11pm. Everyday!


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Hi Huiwen Cheung, very nice galleries. Your 2005 gallery is my favorite. I enjoyed reading your bio.


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hi Huiwen, Great pictures

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hi Huiwen, Great website. check out my stuff. Are you teaching yet? Let me know...regards, martin off PGCE


I with pleasure have got acquainted with your creativity. I shall be glad to show you my ENAMEL MOSAIC and to receive your response. Andrey