kiddolucaslee Excellence belongs to those who dare to do the Difference

Age: 2018
Hometown: Kuala Lumpur * MALAYSIA
Accepts Commissions: Yes
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Marital Status Married
Smoker No
Drinker No
Education Self Taught
Children Proud parent

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BiographyKiddolucaslee believes the Power of Trance can do the extreme..breaking through the travel in a tedious journey..such method will create high imaginaries which will surpass talent and physical knowledge A state in which the soul seems to have passed out of the body into another state of being, or to be rapt into visions; an ecstasy..this is called the ' Trancemare State ' You re seeing Flamable Colors melting and dripping..frozen colors start to melt too You got to see them fast before the Great Arts are all melt- away 'TRANCE ABSTRACT' creator - Kiddolucaslee..a brilliant colorist had built his many visions with amazing waves of colors..strenghtened by layers of depth of unknown zones..this spectacular lifecolors and forms draw you into a Trance of Estacy ..your mind..heart..soul..and body will melt together with the amazing colors The Arts will remained deep in your soul *

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Fantastic work. Your galleries are a pleasure to look at, thank you.


Fantastic work!


Good Work.


Just amazingly gorgeous portfolio***! Congrats***!


your work is very inspiring

Lime ( Deleted user )

Good ART Work kiddolucaslee.


Im NOT a type that paint the same THEMe..or using the same technique over & over again..I love varities..I prefered versatility....Im just like a 'Cameleon Lizard ' to switch the bodyskin colors...Thanks NANDO !!!!


Hu Kiddo...I really enjoy your art...I love your work Chocolatespills. Great job! regards. Nando Martins


Thanks Carolyn the was pastels scrubbed on Architectural tracing paper...the 'Inflamable Close'....I added some water onto the dishscrubpad...scrubbed it on certain areas....I like strokes coz I love 'movement'..saddest moment in displaying my folio on Online Galleries was some 'enviedheart- artists' started to rate my arts very low...yet Im pushing myself to excel my skill higher...Thanks for appreciating my arts..Thanks for loving me too


AW ( Anneke...Thanks for 'Tresspassed' into this just know where to get me..I appreciate your 'Hunting'..& knowing who I am..Many of my past works were just merely doing accordingly to the desire & Taste of my Clienteles...I m giving myself a Timetable of 3 years ( 2008 - 2010)to create something of my heart & Mind..I believed the Vision in our soul is precious & should be Treasured...many years ago..some elderly people told me that our country is tiny in the map..been an artist..not easy for me to be make known to the world...I was thinking that they were right...I was wrong Pro Animator fren encouraged me to upload my folio into Online Gallery..all I started was just a piece of oilwork titled ' Cape of Joy '....I started to display my arts in early 20 over Worldwide websites helping me to promote my Arts...I guess it s about time I need to take more seriousness in my THEMEs & Concepts....I hope later..the Worldeyes will be watching a more Shocking angle of my newfound Themes


Hi: I just revisited your site What a treat! Your work is wonderful and exciting! The "Artist Pond "grouping is fabulous. The painting in back of your photo is beautiful, "Inflamablle Close" is hot!The sexual power is entense! The lines are strong and commanding yet soft and flowing just beautiful I love this piece of work. Carolyn


Hi kiddolucas, great galleries! So many! Wonderful works you've got, but I knew already that you're a very talented artist on AW!! :))

jh ( Deleted user )

Hi kiddolucaslee, thanks so much for the add, great work!!!


great movement, kiddo


Thankyou ARTeacher...glad that you had been an your past.... well..I had spent 12 years in teaching few Art I only signed shorterm contract teaching...I would spend my precious time working on New paintings..or handle some Murals


Hello: Your work is absolutely incredible. I most especially loved Morngloss Artist Ocean and all in Artist Po.nd


Thanks Blaze.....I plan to create some ' weirdstrange ' themes...I ve move out from Traditional Themes


heh you..once again I am drawn to you thru artist profiles on the home page..memeric and powerful for me are so prolific the mind boggles...said it all before I know but really something in it for me......would love to see the originals! hope your world is peaceful and happy...adventures and continuing dreams for b.


Fantastic work - thanks for sharing


Artistat...Thank you...