Lisa Traditional Cherokee Arts

Age: 60
Hometown: Tahlequah
Accepts Commissions: Yes
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Interests and Personality

BiographyI am a citizen of the Cherokee Nation and member of the Cherokee Artists Association. I live on a cattle ranch near my family. My interest is in Cherokee cultural arts. My passion is traditional pottery and I also make baskets and do beadwork. I have been doing traditional pottery since May 2005. I dig my own clay, build my pottery by hand coiling, and since I'm still learning, I double fire my pottery using a kiln first, then in an outdoor fire. Eventually I hope to do all wood firing when I gain experience.
InterestsTraditional Cherokee arts, culture, history, language. Also enjoy traveling, horseback riding, reading, and watching Sequoyah High School basketball (3 time state champs!)
HeroesMy heroes are the artists who have worked tirelessly to preserve and revive lost art forms and those who opened doors for the rest of us. The teachers, scholars, writers, historians, and warriors who have shared their passion and knowledge with us. To quote one of those heroes, "those who are smart enough to realize that battles are fought at many levels in many different ways."

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Lime ( Deleted user )

Nice Work lisa.

jh ( Deleted user )

Thanks Lisa, beautiful designed pottery.


Beautiful work Lisa....I love it!


Osiyo. glad to see you on here. beautiful work you are doing.


Your pots are amazing ,bravo !!! Keep up the good work! Regards,Brischit

Monyaneba ( Deleted user )

Beautiful detailing! Arnisha


osiyo sister. nice to see you on here. we need more native artists on here representing who we are and the art that is our culture. hope to see you at one of the shows this fall.

stylllyfe ( Deleted user )

I like your pots...keep 'em commin


Hello Lisa, wonderful pottery, your works are nice, best wishes - ranjan

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

It must feel wonderful to make your pottery. I think you passion shows in your work. You should be proud of it!

Cherie ( Deleted user )

Your work is wonderful :)


Thank you for all the positvie comments! I appreciate everyone visiting my page. Currently I'm traveling a lot and haven't had a chance to reply to everyone. I am still learning how this works. Lisa


Hi Lisa!! We are patient! But I stopped by to say that I love your work! The way you make your pottery is fantastic.


Please be patient with me--I am still learning how to do this and my internet access is VERY slow. Lisa


Beautiful pottery--I can't wait to see more. -Tara


Please let me know when I can see more work! Best wishes, Erlinde

mesmariah ( Deleted user )

Beautiful workS!!


Hi, welcome to this website. Everyone is helpful and friendly. I'll come back when you have some images uploaded. Visit my site when you get a chance.


Hi, don't forget to email your friends about your new My Art Profile URL! Send them a link to your new page


Welcome! I'll return to see your work. When you have an opportunity, please visit my galleries. Best regards, Robbie.