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BiographyMaurits Cornelius Escher was born on June 17, 1898 in Leeuwarden (Friesland), The Netherlands. His father George Arnold Escher, who was a civil engineer, and his mother Sarah Gleichman Escher, had three sons of which Maurits was the youngest. The Escher family lived in Leeuwarden for the first 5 years of Maurits Cornelius' life in a large house called 'Princessehof'. This house would later be turned into a museum to host work from M.C. Escher, but not exclusively from him. In 1903 the Escher family moved to Arnhem where Maurits took carpentry and piano lessons until he was thirteen. From 1912 until 1918, Maurits Cornelius Escher attended secondary school. Though he excelled at drawing, his grades were generally poor. He never succeeded in his final exam, so M.C. has never officially graduated. M.C. then started studying at the Haarlem School of Architecture and Decorative Arts. he briefly studied architecture, but then made a switch to decorative arts. After three years, Maurits decided he had gained enough experience in drawing and woodcutting and left the school.

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