nancycoffeltart "Art doesn't have to serious not to be trivial"

Age: 57
Hometown: Portland,Oregon
Accepts Commissions: Yes
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Zebra Zydeco

Background and Lifestyle

Marital Status Married
Education Self Taught
Children Proud parent

Interests and Personality I have drawn pictures for as long as I can remember. My favorite possessions (besides books) were crayons, pencils, and felt pens and I even won first prize in a coloring contest when I was in the second grade. I still draw but now I usually work with oil pastels on black paper. Animals are my main subject matter. Whether I am writing and illustrating children's books, creating designs for products or working on fine art, animals always seem to pop up. I live and work in Portland, Oregon. Clients include: Highlights for Children Henry Holt Houghton Mifflin Starbucks The Nature Company Second Nature Software Harcourt Mud Puppy Press Gango Editions The Canvas Company Doernbecher Children's Hospital Little, Brown, & Co. Books include: Good Night Sigmund Dogs in Space Tom's Fish The Dog Who Cried Woof Dogs in Space: The Great Space Doghouse What's Cookin' Pug in a Truck (Fall 2006) Fred Stays With Me (2007)

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thanks much as i want to paint beautiful pictures and figures, the site and stories of street kids everywhere bothers me so much now and i want to give so much...


oh thanks Nancy, wow you've got a great collection of art wel I guess the profession pays better over there but its pretty tough to survive as an artist in Lagos Nigeria!!! we have to get another job just to get by!!


hey i love these, remind me of the cats i used to paint on bone china.


thanks, your works are lovely, very uplifting


Lovely work, Nancy. You've got great imagination.


I so enjoy the spirit of your creations.......


I just finished a creation called "Spiritual Rebirth", tell me what you think.


Luv your "Too many Cooks" piece, all though from experience you can never have to many :-)


Yep! more bright colorful animals!! really like your style. Jo


Hi Nancy, how have you been? BTW, pls do check on this exciting site & share it w/ your family & friends:


style and design are excellent. thank you


Hi - Thanks for inviting me to be one of your pals here! No problem, my pleasure - art should be individual and personal I believe and yours certainly is, great! :-) So have you used these charachters within stories for your own children as I have? :-) A lasting family heirloom eh? :-) Are they following their dad? OK - chat sometime? Peter


I just finished this piece called "Meditation", tell me what you think.

4artist ( Deleted user )

Your art is fun. It makes me smile.


Thanks!i also love your work! Thyme flyes it's genial!!


Thank you. your work is very fun. I love the colors!


Lovely colorful gallery, I like it.

PhilosophicalRealism ( Deleted user )

Thank you very much for your compliment nancy coffelt art......


Love Time flies. Maub


Thank you! Your work is so cute!

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