nevet My work is authentic, honest and genuine." I've got to go with what I know.

Age: 47
Hometown: Brooklyn
Accepts Commissions: Yes
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soho 2006 "Construction workers" painting

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Biography"My paintings display what is in me-tribal Africa crossed with urban blight." A lot of bad stuff went down in East New York when I was growing up. By layering the paint on the canvas, I am also layering the experience of what I saw: tragedy, loss, confusion, hope, prayer, fantasy, survival. "These things swirl around us all the time."


Steven Cogle Exhibition " QUALITY OF LIFE " A NIGHT OF ART , MUSIC & PRE- NYC QUALITY OF LIFE LAW DEBAUCHERY GALLERY BAR 120 Orchard Street New York, NY 10002 Opening Reception March 31st 8pm-3am Inbox X "NoPressure To Paint"- Feb 12- Apr 5th 2008/ Opening Reception Feb 17th 4-6pm, Midoma Gallery 439 E.75th street, New York,NY 10021, May 24th 2007 One night Art Exhibition 314 5th ave (Corner of 32nd st. 2nd flr) New York, NY 2006 "Urban Transfiguration" Sept. 30th Galeria Galou, New York, NY 2006 " Urbanizm" Riot Manhattan, New York,NY 2004 " See Williamsburg" Central Williamsburg Art Festival, Brooklyn,NY 2004 " Sunfeit Zone Exhibition" Chelsea Center for The Arts, New York,NY

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Hey Mare thanks for your kind words. please go to my website so that you can get my email address and check out my blog ( once I put all the content I hav now on it.)talk to you soon and I'm looking for to one day collaborating on a painting with your soon.


thanks and welcome to you distinct artist.


Wonderful! Did you discover my new passion for digital art?


yep, I'm with Mike...good camera work. Glad your brushes are wet, thanks for letting me know.


Heh ya..checke out your video..luved that space..!!! your work is soo immediate and it is great to see you painting...I for a moment beame part of your experience is that people luv to see one painting...grteat selling tool too because you involve others in an intimate part of self which is always a gift and establish a more intimate thinks anyways.....I luv working big, not knowing what I am going to do , paint with the whole body rather than just the upper part as with a smaller piece...really inspiring...the interactive thing..takes the academic out of it a bit!!! great stuff!! you deal with social realities in a confronting


You have very strong expression in your works - keep creating - best wishes -mamtani


Hi Nevet.I have seen your newest works.They are very nice.Congratulations


Hi Nevet and thanks for your remark. I do truly like your work. Kobi

jh ( Deleted user )

Hello nevet, thanks for the add, enjoyed your profile, like your style!!!


Hi Nevet, Thank you for writting, you have great artworks, I really consider your artwork inspiring! Keep on! Best wishes Krisztina


Hi Nevet, yeah your art is well worth looking at in order to capture the angst you speak of. I have also encountered a piece of what you express so finely as a chronology of events, however my job was dealing with the conflict and picking up the rotten pieces. Keep shining, discovering.. aarts

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Well, I don't really know how to loosen up, but I'm working on it. That's my goal.


I love the way you just get in there and paint, very bold and courages strokes. My favorite is "Village By The Sea". Keep up your hard work and thanks for sharing.


exellent works. Mike

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi Steven, I think you must have a lot of fun while painting. I supose all artists do, but there is a big difference between mine and yours. I think it is evident in my work that I need to loosen up a bit, relax and have more fun. On the contrary, your work feels free and expressive. Keep me posted on the wrestling one. :) ~Marianne


Nice work. I got a chuckle out of "Paparazzi." Other pieces seem primal and archetypal and ageless. Some scream, some frighten, some arouse pathos. Great energy. Good luck with your exhibits! Bud

YaeheeChoi ( Deleted user )

WOW ~~!! amazing works!!

DustRisingStudios ( Deleted user )

hi nevet, drs here... friend of mike's, we scurb paint together. he tells me of basquiat and your work, i can see why. He is one of my favs, FREEDOM of range of THOT! I see your work and i wanna attack that canvas, thank you. everforward.... be FREE.

abstract4u ( Deleted user )

I'm a want to be in your shoes, LOL! I think I paint some times, like I think I'm in New York, Ha! What ever that is???? Anyway I like your work, it has a raw quality like Basquiat, a favorite study of mine. I wish I had your freedom of expression. Welcome to the M.A.P. and have fun here, Mike


Thanks Sreven for your msg...I am inspired by your ability to 'make it happen' in your art are to be congratulated...let us know how NY goes for you...I so believe that when your 'energy' is out there and you are following your bliss, the universe rises to meet you...I find your work ripe and alive!!! your page and msg..s..inspiring...will keep in touch...lottsa success to ya man!!! xx b.