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Age: 60
Hometown: River Falls
Accepts Commissions: Yes
Logged in: No

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Background and Lifestyle

Marital Status Married
Smoker Yes
Drinker Yes
Children Proud parent

Interests and Personality

BiographyBorn in Ohio, I spent my childhood as an Airforce brat, and didn't lose my itchy feet until I landed in Canada in my 20s. I then spent 15 years in California, before an auto accident changed my life and my art. While I still own a kiln, my wheel only sees action when I'm playing with a new texture medium, or need to center myself. I consider myself an 'experimental' artist, doing something similar for 2 or 3 canvases, then taking off in an entirely new direction trying to release something I dreamt about. The recurring geometric black-and-whites are what I do to reclaim some iota of control when life becomes too chaotic. Most of the time, however, I allow the brush and paint to take on their own life, tell their own story...that's when I am happiest.
InterestsEverything interests me, I can find beauty in almost anything. I have decorated my living room in rusted items, animal skulls, and other naturally aged trinkets, which is not something your average 'Walmart' decorator would even consider, but I find it far more interesting than anything I can buy.
MusicCake, The Dandy Warhols, The Refreshments, Aztec two-step, Jethro Tull, pretty much anything that hasn't been played to death.
FilmsReally 'good' B movies - Kung Fu Hustle, Bubba Hotep, Army of Darkness, Chumscrubber, anything weird and twisted.
TelevisionTV will rot your brain - it's only background noise...
BooksNew York Times Crossword Puzzle book- 1001 pushups for my mind.
HeroesAnyone who would rather fight the current rather than go with the flow...there's too much 'white bread' in the world- give me homemade pumpernickle!


I am now pursuing the crafty side of my art at the following online venues: http//:www.oddartist.trendyindie.com http//:www.oddartist.etsy.com http//:www.zibbet.com/oddartist http//:oddartist-tees.spreadshirt.com I can also be found on FaceBook - look me up and friend me!

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Great work in your piece "Right There". Regards. Nando Martins

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

What a wonderfully happy portrait you have. That is a feeling we should all experience regularly. I love your "Retro" black & whites, and the works in you "Nashville" gallery.


After reading your biography, I can relate to your work since I too dream most of my paintings. Love your touch.


two things - 1) i'm intrigued by your story 2) it has resulted in some very interesting work 3) while I'm at it - i agree, weird is good


Hi there, love your nipple nebula series, great style and effects in your work, best wishes Laurez.


Interesting eclectic site, I like lots but particularly "But is it love?".Lenke

clarebear ( Deleted user )

Hi there, just a quick favour to ask, I've got some designs on www.nakedandangry.com and they can be voted on, if you get a minute I would really appreciate your votes! You have to register with the site first, it only takes a minute and then you go into design and vote away! Its a cool site anyway and worth a visit, if you put any work up let me know and I'll vote for you!! Best wishes Clare Ferguson-Walker


cool site, looking forward to seeing any new works - Jackson

R_Burger ( Deleted user )

Dear Friend, Do to an inexplicable error in the software I am unable to log in to my profile as established. Therefore I am starting a new one. I hope we will be able to continue to communicate. I value the experience of participating in MyArtProfile and your friendship. Best regards and good wishes, Robbie.


i love that u use your body as an art tool!


I dig it! You are there! Nice images!

RobM ( Deleted user )

There's certainly nothing odd about your art although the artist may be self confessed odd :)


wow love your new stuff, how are you and have you finished those long shifts .. :)


very nice gallery


Weird IS good and you are good also.


Your work is quite varied. Your style is elusive, yet engaging. Thank you for sharing, with best wishes, Robbie.


hey hun, check my home out, all those castles i told ya about :)


ha ha thanks, im goin again today :)


hey hw are you soz i aint been in touch, but i have been so busy and fishing a lot as the bass season has come early yeeehhaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Greetings - I like your evolution series...

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