painter-karpisek Be Here Now. Be Here Now. Be Here Now. :)

Age: 37
Hometown: Brno
Accepts Commissions: Yes
Logged in: No

Number of Visits: 6916
Back (Time of Bodybuilder), oil on canvas, 110x125 cm, 2005, graduation artwork

Background and Lifestyle

Marital Status In a Relationship
Smoker No
Drinker Yes
Education College graduate
Children Someday

Interests and Personality

BiographyBorn: 15th March 1981 in Jihlava, Czech Republic Studies: 1999- 2005 : Faculty Of Fine Arts of Brno University Of Technology Studio Painting (Martin Mainer), 2002: Performance (Tomas Ruller) 1993-1999 : Grammar School Trebon Awards: The Prize Of Decan, Brno, 2003 Artkontakt, young artists competition, 2nd Prize, Brno 2004 Address: Slavickova 11, Brno, 63800, Czech Republic Web: Contact: +420 777 176 823 Projects: Founder, organiser and manager of Artfest Trebon 2004 ( Member of art group Punkwa ( since 02/2005
Interestsmeditation, gardening, scythes, shakuhachi, spirituality, aikido, tea, permaculture, movies, ecology, internet, zen
MusicSamiam, Karate, Ignite, Texas Is The Reason, Good Riddance, and similar bands but also U2, Jeff Buckley, ethno, classical music etc.
FilmsThe Death of a Talented Shoemaker, At the Cottage by the Wood, Blade Runner
HeroesMorihei Ueshiba, Tim Leary


Solo actions: "A Painter, A Man", Dolmen Gallery, Uherské Hradiste, 29.9.-26.10.2007 "Ecogardener’s brush-drawings on paper", Minikino Gallery, Ostrava, 28.9.-31.10.2007 „Confession in Krmitko (Bird Table)“, student club Krmitko at Faculty of Arts (Masaryk University), Brno, 21.2.-14.3. 2006 „Following Mind and Time“, Gallery Artkontakt, Brno, 15.9.-15.10. 2005 The Passing Of The Time (Performance), Festival New Media, Cheb, 2003 Salon Zena (Exhibition of paintings), Jezuitska Street, Brno, 2002/2003 Selected collective exhibitions: 2008 "The Critics Prize for Young Painting", Gallery of Critics, Adria Pallace, Prague, 30.1.-15.2.2008 "BBKL-Labor" (mail-art), Kunstraum, Vaduz, Liechtenstein, 29.1.-16.3.2008 "Punkwa - Vernissage", Peng, Mainz, Germany, 12.1.-2.2.2008 "King Industry", The Slovak National Gallery, Zvolen Castle, Slovakia, 6.1.-27.1.2008 2007 "Stuck in the Middle of November", Topic‘s Salon, Prague, 10.11.-30.11.2007 "The Anomal Paintings about Brno", Gallery Vinum Missae, Havlickuv Brod, 9.11.-10.12.2007 "ARSkontakt Balance", The Supreme Burgrave's House, Prague, 2.10.-28.10.2007 "Vernisage", Vrakbar, Jihlava, 24.9.-30.10.2007 "40 days of Punkwa", Dolmen Gallery, Brno, 3.7.-13.8.2007 "Wine", Vinothek At The Golden Pike, Kolin, 28.6.2007-28.7.2007 "ARSkontakt: The Balance", South Wing of The New City-Hall, Brno, 18.4.-15.5.2007 "Amaro Jilo - Our Heart", House of Arts, Brno, 12.4.-26.4.2007 2006 „8th auction salon of artists for BARIÉRY account“, Cloisters of Carolinum, (Aula of Charles University), Prague, 14.11.-2.12.2006 „El Temperament Nuevo“, House of Blues, Plzen, 24.10.-23.11.2006 „Summer Solstice“, Housuv Mlyn (Housa's Mill), Tabor, 16.6.-30.6.2006 „Pipistrello“, Club Fleda, Brno, 30.3.-2.5.2006 „Damerychtufauleve“, Galerie FaVU, Brno, 7.2.-19.2.2006 2005 Christmas show, Galerie Slevarna Vankovka, Brno, 6.12.-20.12. 2005 „Malta 2“, Hadivadlo Theater, Brno „Artkontakt“, 2nd year of student competition, Gallery At the Good Shepherd’s, Brno „Artkontakt“, 2nd year of student competition, Gallery XXL, Louny „Punkwa 001“, Gallery in Old-Firemen-Station, Brno-Komin „ArtPrague“, Artkontakt Gallery presentation, Gallery of Vaclav Spala, Prague „International Biennale of Contemporary Art“, National Gallery, Prague Diploma works exhibition, Gallery Aspekt, Brno 2004 „Atelier Klasse - Klasse Atelier, The Brno House Of Arts „Astorka II“, The Library Of Janacek Academy of Music And Performing Arts, Brno „MMS“, The Brno City Theatre „Quasi-Reality“, Gallery Riverside, Prague „Artkontakt“, young artists competition, Gallery of Young, Brno „Contacts“, international symposium of fine art academies, Grannary Klenova „Artkontakt“, travelling of the competition, Gallery XXL, Louny „Artkontakt“, travelling of the competition, Gallery Vltavín, Prague „Homepage“, exhibiton of www sites of visual artists, Gallery Doubner, Prague 2003 „Between The Church And The Square“, Brezanova Street No. 6, Trebon Gallery Bartholomeus, Festival New Media, Cheb The Library Of Janacek Academy of Music And Performing Arts, Brno 2002 Gallery Of Felix Jenewein, Kutna Hora Gallery Medium, Bratislava, Slovakia Vegetarian Agitprop Canvas of Nesehnuti, Malinovsky Square, Brno Gallery of Critics, Adria Pallace, Prague Fast One, Studio Of Environment, FaVU, Brno „Honza, don't forget to put out the wings!“, Gallery NoD, Roxy, Prague 2001 Staromestska Radnice (The Old City-hall), Prague Castle in Namest na Hane Jan Smok Gallery, Jihlava Collections: National Gallery Prague Private collections (San Francisco, Anguilla, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Italy) Bibliography: Atelier Tomase Rullera 1992 / 2002, FaVU VUT Brno, 2002, ISBN 80-88675-82-0 Atelier (fortnightly published art magazine), 10/2002 pg.5, Exhibition of Studio Painting II in Kutna hora, Petr Vanous, 2002 FaVU VUT Brno 1993 – 2003, FaVU Brno, 2003, ISBN 80-214-2495-8 Literarni kabaret, Pavel Magda & Lukas Henzl, Magda Printhouse, Brno, 2003 7th auction salon of artists (catalogue), Nadace Charty 77, Prague, 2004 Contacts 2004 / 5th international symposium of art academies (catalogue - czech and english version), Gallery Klatovy Klenova, 2004 Artkontakt – Student Competition, 2nd year Catalogue, Brno, 2005 IBCA (catalogue), National Gallery Prague, 2005, ISBN 80-7035-301-5 Atelier, 16-17/2005 pg.4, Druhy pohled (International Bienale of Contemporary Art 2005), Ales Svoboda, 2005 Atelier, 22/2005 pg.5, Jan Karpisek's Time of Painting (exhibition, Brno / Artkontakt Gallery, 16.9.-15.10.), Pavel Ondracka, 2005 I Watch - review of exhibition, magazine A2, 23/2006, Petr Vanous, 2006 Depese (Punkwa Blues, pomalu a line), magazine A2, 46/2006, Edith Jerabkova Galerie (Vaznost a nevaznost Jana Karpiska), magazíne A2, 47/2006, P. Vanous Punkwa, Atelier, 25-26/2006 (double issue) pg. 11, Marie Haskovcova 8th auction salon of artists (catalogue), Nadace Charty 77, Praha, 2006 4th pre-Christmas benefit auction of visual artworks (catalogue), pg.11, Veronica Foundation, Brno, 2006

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Lime ( Deleted user )

Good ART Karpisek ,Mas Talent kluku.


Your work is very interesting. I enjoyed looking.

jh ( Deleted user )

Thank you painter-karpisek, interesting artwork.


Pleased to find your page. Nice work. Regards, Bud C


Hello, Very interesting work, deffinately like your later work, good luck, Chris




Hello Karpisek, Interesting and professional work. It brings up questions which is always a good thing. Greetings, Peter

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hello painter-karpisek. Very intriguing. It gives me a sense that you have a lot to say.


Your work style is amazing, I enjoy your site. best wishes - ranjan


Hi Karpisek very good works! bye Ouro


I with pleasure have got acquainted with your creativity. I shall be glad to show you my ENAMEL MOSAIC and to receive your response. Andrey


Thank you Aarts, trying to live here and now is sometimes difficult - thinking about someone...mind sticking to suffering...but after some time dedicated to full activity it comes clearer again. Meaning of this quote is also a reason why I decided to terminate my internet submissions and paid shops. I will save money to buy some garden and paint more rather than sit and hit the keyboard. Regards, Jan


Very interesting work, love your quote re living in the Now. regards, aarts


Mamtani- nice poem :) Thx!


Greetings - You are searching for spiritual values in art - good start...



haney ( Deleted user )

love "tracking in space" beautiful soft subtle colors!


I like your abstract composition, very eyecatching!


Your early work and your post graduate work display a freedom that seems constrained in your Bachelor and Graduation series. Your concepts show maturity beyond your years. Best regards, robbie