QMumu Woef

Age: 11
Hometown: wilrijk
Accepts Commissions: Yes
Logged in: No

Number of Visits: 4676

Background and Lifestyle

Marital Status In a Relationship
Smoker No
Drinker No
Education College graduate
Children Undecided

Interests and Personality

BiographyWorld Explorer, self-taught artist. I never had any education in arts and consider myself as a raw artist.I thrive on my dreams, nature, emotions and on cultures, different than mine.Inspired by visions, life experiences or quotes, sayings, poems, anything really. I breath Nature every second.
InterestsThe imaginary gives birth to my work,or a thought an emotion or a lived reality through my travells to new horizons inside or outside of me. My sacred nights inspire me, filed with fabulous dreams, waking up my spirit to a different level.
MusicHimalaya for the moment Silence
FilmsThe Sheltering Sky, Japanese Movies, Kim Ki Duk Bin Jip and Winter, Spring, Summer Fall, Chinese movies, Kadakh,...
TelevisionEscales(travel) and nature programms, if I am in the mood to gaze
BooksBig Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosh, The Savages,The Jungle Book, and many many more
HeroesGandhi, Hisamatsu and Patanjali, the Yeti and many many many more, the stars, the moon the plants, the animals, the sun, the wind, the sand the earth,...

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i think your colour sense is incredible. Your work has the feel of Basquiat


Thanks, I like yours as well


Wonderful work, really strong imagery.


Thanks! Do you have a gallery? HEHEHE


nice work!

Lime ( Deleted user )

Nice ART QMumu.


Hello Qmumu.....love yur bio etc......know what you say bout the night...another plane we live on..visible under the stars..missed by so many.....my dreams become reality at night and I would love to paint while I'm in that world...thnx for your work...its immediacy and honesty...XXXX blaze


Love your work, good abstract is rare. Margaret, Artist at Work, http://artist-at-work.co.uk


Very nice work. Regards, Bud


hello QMumu, what fine work you produce. Chris.


queen of the desert, have you heard the music of tinariwen? if i have not asked you this already i think you would love their music... and is bosh from bel? have you read my quote?. the love i speak of is the drugs.. so banged up i looked to art for peace...harlem, new york was no joke in the 70's.. love you forever sweet nin.. "woef"!

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Thanks for your comments regarding my "Grace". I appreciate it. Nice to see you online. Have a nice week. ~Marianne


hi qmumu visit my site www.artmajeur.com/mutazart and see my new drwaing and more paintings...thanks. mutaz


hello my world traveling friend.. i often have to come back to see your work.. and hey, i should put up the two colaborative works we did together eh?? should i send to you too so you can ad them to your site here? dont know if that would spoil the grace of your work:).. but then again you have not seen them in yrs eh?? i am going to take pics and send them to your email and post on my site as colabortive works with Qmumu the magnificent!:))))....


salam thanks for your visit...what about you...mutaz


HEY!!!!!!!!! Make some more cows! Hug you!


HHHEEEYYYYYYYYY Q!!! me Q womon!!!:)).. me loves ya work... always have! always will!! put me on ya friends list, aight?:).. p


hi mur -are u fine what about u - thanks for this site very thanks nice work mutaz


wonderful works , thank you


Thanks for your kind remark on my work, ranjan