Robbie Creation and appreciation of beauty, the noblest activities

Age: 79
Hometown: Orlando
Accepts Commissions: Yes
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Background and Lifestyle

Marital Status Married
Smoker No
Drinker No
Education Post grad
Children Proud parent

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BiographyMy background is eclectic in that I have considered my formal education as work and the various jobs I've had as primarily educational. My interest is centered in communication. It was with that in mind that I studied English and linguistics in college until I realized that verbal communiction is a wonderful tool for communicating on some levels, but that it is woefully inadequate for imparting meaning on other levels. For example, every part of a sailboat and evey action pertaining to each has a specific nomenclature without which succesful sailing would be nearly impossible. However, to communicate the impressions; abstract concepts; thoughts pertaining to the subjective, intimate processes that are actually the more essential aspects of our personalities, language fails. For that reason I have come to rely on art to attempt to show what I think and feel about that which is verbally inexpressible.
InterestsSailing, Photography, Computers, Boxing, Theoretical and appied science, ESP.
MusicPlay Piano and Flute. Jazz, Swing, Some Rock, Much classical.
FilmsAll of them.
TelevisionNot much.
BooksScience and Sanity, The Human Use of Human Beings, The Universe of Light, A Course in Miracles, Hope for the Flowers, The Bear That Wasn't.
HeroesAlfred Korzybski, Norbert Wiener, Nikola Tesla, Fortunato Depero, Albert Einstein, David Pope, Jesus

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Robbie.. sorry about leaving a short message but I am short of time today. I am new to the site so its lots of clicking to see what people do etc... Just had to say I like your profile pic as it looks like you are so interested in the guitar. Great work. J


The UK's Largest Artists' Fair at Chelsea Old Town Hall Master Simon Wong Stand no. A53 (Located towards the back of the hall, on the left hand side) ... Friday 1st June - 5.3Opm - 9pm - Private View [invitation only] Apply for Private View Tickets Saturday 2nd June - 1Oam - 7pm - Free Public Access Sunday 3rd June - 11am - 5pm - Free Public Access Chelsea Old Town Hall King's RoadLondonSW3 5EE Contact Telephone Numbers 07985 197 464, 07967 224 385


Congratulations to the gallery.


thank u,nice to meet u! very interesting works.


sorry took so long to get back to you, busy busy. will send that email out, hope to talk to you soon. T


I like your digital work! It's quite cinematic.Kinda makes me think of Pink Floyd music!


thanks robbie...


thank you robbie for appreciating my work... chadeltri

catherinechiara ( Deleted user )

I too am interested to see how my work evolves. Thanks.


Hi Robbie ,thanks for your comments -the first 20 years were brilliant the last 10 years have been very up and down and more difficult to make a living at it .


I love what you said about art is a way you can express what is "verbally inexpressible". Thank for sharing your work.


At 3.10 pm yesterday, Willy De Vuyst, my dad, passed away. Alann


Hi artists, I am speaking on behalf of my dad, Willy, who was diagnosed with liver cancer last year in May. We still hope for a recovery, but the pain was to much and my dad refused Chemo and accepted his fate. he is the last stages of dying. Could be days or hours; he is on morphine and probably unconscious. I myself am in Cambodia working as a teacher. I heard him for the last time two Sundays ago over the phone. He had to stop the conversation as he had no more oxygyne, he said. "Dont' worry about me he said, I am capable of dealing with this". I don't know whether I have to take his page down or not? I pray for my dad and hope that he leaves without pain. sincerely Alann


Hello "Robbie" Good afternoon. Years ago I wanted to get into much of 3DMAX and vector editor, but you know the time you can not cover absolutely everything we want. Your work is very well and congratulations on everything ... A greeting "metalcrezy"


Two of my paintings 0020 and 0021 are in the latest Forman's Smokehouse Gallery Show which opens on Thursday October 7th 2010 Location: Stour Road, Hackney Wick London, United Kingdom, E3 2NT Phone:07947 175 283 Thurs - Fri 17:00 - 21:00 Sat - Sun: 12:00 - 17:00 if you would like to come.


sir if you want my art picture i can send it to you through my email to you .but need your email thank sir.send to my email


sir please i came i get your email i can't get it


thanks bro


quick note, dont get much time these days . u have my number would be good to hear from you, hope all is well Love Tamara