Age: 46
Hometown: Ashford
Accepts Commissions: Yes
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Background and Lifestyle

Marital Status Single
Smoker No
Drinker Yes
Education College graduate
Children Undecided

Interests and Personality

BiographyI studied art at Canterbury College and then moved on to Ashford School of Art and Design. Prior to this i studied life drawing and portrait painting in Brugge. Recently i have been studying part-time with the painter 'Hugo Grenville' in London. The statement below gives a little more insight into my artwork. ARTIST STATEMENT My work is predominantly figurative and involves the exploration of colour, contrast and harmony, texture and the variety of ways in which to apply paint. The subject matter has progressed towards an examination of the sexual and emotional aspects regarding the male/female relationship, and also the private moments of contemplation via portraiture. The engagement I have with this subject stems from my own thoughts, feelings and emotions. With the use of symbols and metaphors I try to explore situations which are personal to me, but which others may also relate to. For further information please contact me at
InterestsArt and Painting/Drawing, Health & Fitness/Gym, Indoor Climbing, Piano, My dog, Interesting people and new places and knowledge.
MusicVaried! Anything from Radio 1's dance anthems right through to classical and (some) country music. I love female singers such as Jewel, KT Tunstall, Narina Pallow etc.
FilmsI don't watch many films because i have trouble sitting still for too long. The latest Bond was very good though.
TelevisionI don't watch much TV
BooksSorry, not a great book worm apart from on holiday. If anyone knows some good books i'd be happy to make the time! On a day to day basis i'll flick through the usual trashy mags and my art magazines. On Sunday i have the Times.
HeroesI don't really have any heros - I'm more likely to admire soomeone. I admire Madonna for her strength and self discipline - she definitely influenced me to keep myself in shape.

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I like your animal pictures especially the horse. Great work


Beautiful paintings Scarlett, love it !!!


Congratulations to the gallery.


Love your figure paintings!


Some fantastic work! Loved looking through! Really enjoyed th Sarah Batt section! My favourite piece of work is Two girls dozing! Its amazing! Could look at that all day!


Magic Work. Zen!Congratulation! Cheers&Success


Loved viewung your work. Are we ever going to see some new paintings? I can't wait...


Beautiful work, looking forward to see more!


Good work. I like.


Fantastic work, keep creating.


beautiful works! congrats


you work is kinda cool


very wonderful painting!


Thanks so much for your comments and I've just finished looking around your galleries and loved your work so much too, very nice style you have. I haven't been on here in ages and its nice to finally getting back and do some updating to my gallery, check it out if you have time. Nice to meet you. Cheers again

Lime ( Deleted user )

Beauty ART Work Scarlett/Lime


Hi Scarlett. The seascapes are nice and relaxing to look at. The 'Devon Seascape' is my favorite out of the selection you have posted.


scarlett , very wonderful painting, you look also nice best wishes-- albert

jh ( Deleted user )

Thanks scarlett, enjoyed your profile, like your style.


wow nice work love the way you use color in it good job


Still life. That does it for me. I hope that does not sound like a George Castanza comment - but it does. I mean the composition, framing, colours, undefined edges, the references to the classical, yet...