shadecat Oculi sine loqui confictunt pecti arcanam

Age: 10
Hometown: Maine
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Lighthouse of Maine

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Biographyhomepage: Champlin showed an interest in drawing very early in life and began by drawing his youthful passion of horses at the tender age of 11. Champlin has been painting professionally since 1992. Early works were predominately done in pastels. After about 1997, he now works predominately in oils, yet the youthful spirit of his work remains the same. Now, he prefers portraiture and emotional scenes of the human bond and of the human condition. It is this energy and emotion that binds the subject with the canvas and forms the symphonic nature of his work. It is the merging of the moment onto the canvas. A symphysis of subject and form. Champlin boldly uses colour and line to express his artistic vision. The colour is weaved together to form a tapestry. Bold lines give a feeling of motion and energy. His works are the passion and energy of life and the fluidity of which life entails.
Interestshorses, art, outdoor stuff, paranormal, medicine, whatever my son happens to be doing I find interesting usually
Musicgeez, pretty much anything. . . very eclectic tastes. Music influences art so much so have to be careful what I listen to when I paint. I really like some of the contemporary music lately, very fun although I have a bad memory for names so really can't remember any of the artist names off the bat. . .
Filmsthe Illusionist I thought was outstanding and oo I loved Bridget Jones's Diaries. I love a good romance and tend to stay away from action pictures. I like happy endings and think it is a cop out to kill the main character at the end.
TelevisionStuck on Nicklodeon mostly. . . I really like Sabrina and love Ned's Declassified and am a closet Spongebob fan. Ghosthunters on Sci-fi is really well done and enjoy that. Love the Simpsons.
BooksUmberto Eco and Edward Abby are by far my two favorite authors.
Heroesmy wife is my biggest hero truely.


Past Exhibits: 1992-93: Madison Ave Art Gallery (Memphis, TN). 1997: International Gallery of Art (London, Ont.). 1997-98: Gallery One (Ellensburg, WA) in 1997-1998. Dec 15, 1996: cover of the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine. Oct. 2005: juried show in the Period One gallery Colour III exhibit(Omaha, NE) EBSQ's "Wild Birds" Exhibit Apr. 1-30, 2007, EBSQ's "More than Birth" Exhibit May 1-31, 2007, Dec 1-31, 2007 EBSQ "Better Late Than Never" exhibit; EBSQ "Nude in Art" Feb 1-29, 2008; Agora Gallery, 25th Street, NYC, NY Feb 29-Mar 20, 2008. Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, 25th Street, NYC, NY Aug 1-Aug 26, 2008. Recent shows: Agora Gallery "Contemporary Perspectives" Jan 30 - Feb 19, 2009; Amsterdam Whitney Gallery "Salute to the Stars" May 8-Jun 2, 2009 ; Juried book 'International Contemporary Masters 2009' editor/curator Despina Tunberg - to be published fall 2008 Upcoming shows: Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art (Las Vegas, NV) Feb 20 - Avr 3, 2010 Opening reception Feb 20, 2010 ; Agora Gallery (NYC, NY) Jun 4 - Jun 25, 2010 Opening reception Jun 10, 2010 18:00 - 20:00 EST Affiliations: Juried Member of Absolute Arts, Master Member United Creators; Member Kennebec Valley Art Association Represented by: Agora Gallery (New York, NY)2007-2010; Amsterdam Whitney Gallery (New York, NY) 2008-2010; The Fuschia Tree (F-7 East of Kailash, New Delhi, India) 2008-; Contemporary Art Network - NYC (CANNYC)

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