Age: 59
Hometown: Orange city ,Fla
Accepts Commissions: Yes
Logged in: No

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Marital Status Divorced
Smoker Yes
Education College graduate
Children Proud parent

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BiographyIam a native american Igraduated from the Art Institute of Ft.Lauderdale in 1980 with an associated degree in Ad Design,but soon found it quite constricting,after touring Europe for 7 weeks on an art study program,I came back,and started doing animal portraits for a living,and I raised and showed my quarter horses. and I also love animals I raised 2 beautiful boys one of whom I lost to a drowning accident March of 2003 his name was Lonnie and hes was just 3 months shy of his 19 birthday when he died. I lost my will to even pick up a pencil for several years,then one day my son came to me in a dream,and said Mom make the butterflys I have always seen a butterfly no matter where I go.I always impressed upon my boys that nobody can take away your thoughts and feelings and that art is the best expression of those thing.check out my store.I also do tattoo flash,and will soon be trying to do some tats myself!Iam also an EBSQ Artist
InterestsMy EBAY STOREhttp://stores.ebay.com/Spiritsurge-creations (airbrushin,sand etching,engraving, engraving motorcycle parts,sculpting,tattoo flash artist,massage therapist]
MusicALL,except rap,screamo
TelevisionReality shows of any type
Booksartbooks,massage books
HeroesMy Sons

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GeertWinkel ( Deleted user )

Hoi,Your art is so nice,i love it.Geert Winkel


Strog Work!Beautiful! Cheers&Success


I wanted to let everyone know my sister Alice (spiritsurgecreations) is drawing for God now.


Beautiful work!


A very talented girl. Great, artful, and superbly applied tattoos you have.


Finnaly getting over ththe drug habbit. Finnally comiont to grips that the divorce devistatied me.Spending most odf my Fine arts tionm ant fineartsamerica. I must be make of strong stuff because it would have killed lesser men. 90% of the movoies I have seen are not as interrsestin as my lif. My emial is johntoxey@comcast.net. Write ans I will send you images. Still love that cleavege. L Johhn


Dear my friend! Teank you of lovely comment ! Yoram


You are very talented. It was fun to look through your work!


You still alive. Been up all night printing out a wedding. Boy, my old rant is still up on your board. Embarrassing. Hope you are well. L John


Hey Alice where you been hope all is well and would like to complete your tattoos if you have not found another artist.INKEDS


Dear My friend . Happy new year !! Yoram


Merry Christmas and a wonderful happy new year!


For you Babe. Fuck you all. I am so blasted tonight. I have 8 yrs of art history and 6 yrs of history plus private tutor. Some of you really suck and some are true artists. I understand images if you don’t, ask. I have never sold a piece from this site and I need money. There are some sweet people here but most do not understand. I am a full blown dope fiend. Something I did not ask for but it happened. Forgive me; I suffer not from covetness of money or position. I don’t care any more about much. That makes me strange in this world of ownership. I care not for fame. Van Gogh sold only one painting for less than I have sold. I am going to die soon so please write me for art. I will send it free if you cover shipping cost. Love to you all and may you have the happiness I do not. Love You All John


Jingle bells have a happy and joyful season.Ho Ho HO give me a shout wont you ?hope you sold your tat equipt .INKEDS

dirtyboy ( Deleted user )

Absalutly love the tattoo on your leg very nice


I love your animal paintings, especially those where the animals are cuddling up and looking so appealing. Margaret, Artist at Work, http://artist-at-work.co.uk


I am going to tell you a story of Painter. H e lives in a small apartment very Spartan. Piles of paintings. Even his studies were fun. But he loved the role of the aging Irish artist. Good man. We have the best Irish in the world hear in America, I still say the Indians were here first. Nice people too. I am very proud to be an American. Funny I also think of us as a colony. I have been looking at all your paintings and the talent is the entire spectrum of mediums. It is a pleasure to be amongst your. I am honored to be amongst you. There are imaiges here I am envious that that I did not create them and I love them. My Irish buddy in Cincinnati had 4,000 paintings removed from stretchers and was friends with a nun. Every room was piles of paintings.. Was accused of hit and run on the way to his house but that is a whole other story. That is story of Painter. In some gallery I have here. All sleep well. TOX


that pic was right before I went into a lockdown ward. Funny, people in a lockdown can be very nice to on another. When my money was good and I detoxed in Braddock ghetto hospital, I bought extra packs of smokes so no one had to do without during 'smoking period'. Although there are some dangerous people there, we don’t threaten each other and try to support one another. They almost killed me in that ward. I was running 250 over 170 blood pressure, they did nothing for it, catapress a cheep blood pressure pill would have worked . Funny I ate a few Vicodan and a line of coke in the detox at Western ward. Nice hospital with good staff and the food is calorie rich. they figger it might have been some time since you ate. It is sort of sitting with a Rome doctorate RC priest smoking good herb and talking new old testament. Had to take a friend to the hospital. Used to be a brilliant man. Undergrad com loda in Latin and Greek, Passed the Bar Exam, lawyer. He now takes 600 to 1000 milligrams of methadone at a time and mixes it with valium and promethazine( a god damn motion sickness pill?). He gets as high as a person can and not die. He is falling apart. I think he could easily die within the next year Got him into a hospital but his, I would call her a pig especially when it comes to drugs, girlfriend gets him sighed out is one day AMA. She is concerned that this hubbub night interfere with the ability of them continue to obtain large quintiles of drugs at a time through a legitimate doctor It took me an hour to dress him and I had to put clean underwear on him and clean pants. And he was dead weight white as a ghost. You wish you could save people from there fates. My heart fell from my chest when I got to the hospital and he was no there. Hope your mellowing out and my Christian beliefs’ do not freak you out. I have a friend that was so bad he was dissolving rock cocaine with vinegar and IV injecting it? Ever now and then he would call me and ask if I would bring him a pack of smoke. Then I would give him some cash and promise me would spend it on food. I would walk to the grocery with him. He is off dope and looking like a new man. I hope my showing up and letting him know he was not judged by me. That if there is a god he loves him no less than anyone else. He is not an evil man, easy to like. It also showed him I cared, someone cared. Been a long day, got a new washing machine.. New hat, will post a pic . You aren’t eating a lot of sea food are you? It is loaded with mercury and will suppress your immune system. If you go to the FDA web site you can see ho much fuckig mercury there is in these fish. No more that on can a of tuna a week is the limit. As you judge so will you be judged. Hope as is well in your world. So tired. John TOX


Susuie, one of the friends listed at your site, is ill. A get well letter would do her heart good and cheer her up a bit. We live in a world that does not apriciate art. We must care for eachother. So leave a post on he board if you have time. L John TOX I am finally starting to get better. Miss heariing from you. Hope all is well with you.


I am so blasted. I am the smartest fool you will ever meet. Can’t stay away from the hard cocaine. Wish I had some direction in life. Just want to do images but cannot promote myself. My life is a wreck. Do you like my images? John Miss hearing from you. but once people know you have an addiction problem you br=ecome a pariah