sunsetstorm Fairytales don't always have a happy ending, do they?

Age: 43
Hometown: Glasgow
Accepts Commissions: Yes
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Marital Status Single
Smoker No
Education College graduate
Children Undecided

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BiographyI just took up photography last year and have still to work out what half the buttons on my camera actually do, but in the meantime I am enjoying myself practising in all weather - which in Scotland is an advantage as you will probably get every season within an hour. I've always worked in the theatre and tv and its that which has influenced my style of photography, I like dramatic lighting and shooting into the sun so that the image I'm trying to capture has almost no detail and becomes just a stark shape. My ambition is to eventually be able to do night shoots without it looking like I've left the lens cap on.
InterestsI'm Happiest when, Singing at the top of my voice in the car, going out with friends, being outside in the country, being in the theatre, at the beach, listening to my ipod, at art galleries, not having to get up at ridiculously early times for work
MusicThis could begin to be like the film section, there are way too many too mention - I like songs more than actual bands but I do like The Eels, funky soul, Damien Rice, Fratellis, frou frou, gomez, macy gray, moloko, paolo nutini, razorlight, jet, snowpatrol, stereophonics, we are scientists, zero 7 and am kinda liking regina spektor at the mo and have just found a new Glasgow band The Fortunate Sons.
FilmsDepends what mood I’m in. Most Sam Raimi and Tim Burton films as the man is a freaky genius, Sin City, Donnie Darko, Moulin Rouge, Amelie, The Shining - although I still can't watch the bit with the twins. Actually this might take a while - there’s a lot.
Booksmy fave books are ALL my art books, the far side gallery, strange stories and amazing facts (have read this soooo many times and probably where all my useless facts come from), The melancholy death of oyster boy - tim burton (very weird but cool), and am getting back into poetry after a few drunken conversations about it!!!
Heroesall my friends

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CJ8 ( Deleted user )

Great photography!


Come take a look at my photos. A honest critique would be nice. The best books on photo, believe it or not, is the old Time-Life series. Wonderful reproductions and a welth of knowledge and history. L TOX


back again soon. company just came trough the door must attend see ya later . swirl


Hello sunsetstorm, lovely photography fellow clicker, good luck in your pursuit.


nice photography


Enjoy my videos----


you have some beautiful photography. I lived in Dunoon for a few years near the US Naval base. I have been to Glasgow many times. I would cross the ferry to Gourock and hop the train there to Glasgow. very often I was sleep deprived and caught a good nap on the train. however on the occasion that I was awake I saw some beautiful country. I also spent alot of my time on the Clyde. you have some great subject matter there.


Hello Sunsetstorm, just checking out your portfolio . You have some excellent photos here, bravo !!!!Brischit

stylllyfe ( Deleted user )

You have some nice work here...keep 'em commin

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Your photo of "McCaigs Tower - Oban" is wonderful. I am not familiar with this place, but am doing a search of it now. I think I may have to go there.

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi Sunsetstorm, great photographs. My favorites are your trees(many of them) and you mushrooms. Great job.


Thank you so much. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement. best wishes - ranjan


Hey Sunsetstorm, (wow that's a mouthful!) Thanks for the kind words, glad they tickled you. I really like your photos, particularly as you're still figuring out which buttons to press - very honest of you. My favourite is the laughing Baboon - well that's what it looks like to me anyway. Take care, drop by any time. O


Hi Sunsetstorm, tnx . . you may read more about wht I sent you from this site: . . . and read everything about my EVO Special Announcement there. Cheers, ~~>:)glenn


Hi Sunsetstorm, just wondering how you and your art have been?. . hope you remember me. Still shooting against the sun? BTW, don't forget to check on this site, an opportunity of a lifetime, register and invite your family and friends before July 15: . . . and to see just how big, watch the latest broadcast:


Dumbarton Rooftops is my favourite, Lovely photographs, Is it digital of film? best wishes - ranjan


You are welcome, WX . . went through all your photos again and really enjoyed the tour. Went to a similar tower in Dusseldorf, Germany called the "TURM" which really means tower in Deutche, and what makes it breathtaking is the GLASS FLOOR at the top resto where you can see super tiny cars, people, etc, and clouds immediately below! It's a lovely place back home where you live, and the right place to have a digital camera. Take care & keep creating . . cheers ~~>:)glenn


Hi Sunsetstorm, your LANDSCAPES are awesome! Really enjoyed viewing them. I'm just a bit worried about your camera, if it's digital. The best way to destroy one is to shoot into the sun. Take care and tnx4sharin' your art ~~>:)glenn