Tox Role with life or it will role over you

Age: 63
Hometown: Pittsburgh
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Marital Status Single
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Education College graduate

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BiographyI have been doing images all my life. Studied under Gasson and many others. Influences one of Diane Arbus ,Manet, Dagas and Ensal Adams.AM influenced by the Greek sculptors. One can see the move into three dimensionality with the sculpting of “athlete scrapinoill” standing in the polykleitan motive. The Egyptians. Esp under Akhenaten, one can see how to grow out of stylism . I can tell a real Pollock from a forgery by the presence or lack of fractal qualities. So much art history, from Talbot with his paper negatives, Steichen with his complete control of the medium, and have always preferred the personality in photos by Cartier-Bresson and Minor White to Adams. The paintings at Lascaux have always inspired me. Finally overcoming a devastating divorce and looking for work in the art field
InterestsHey, could use some paint any color you like but must be real oil, maybe send you an image. I really am a starving artist and I am out of dough myself at times. Send enuff and will start sending paintings.
MusicAnything live or over a good sound system. Even good rap. Mozart: Violin Concertos 3 & 5 / Mutter, Karajan, BerliPhilharmonicic Orchestra. Irish music folk blues but not that nervy jazz.
FilmsGuy film witcharacterer development and violence and humor. Really liked Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels. A story from life.Movies ah. The best line I have used lately was going into a bar in Kentucky. Had been at another establishment where I refused to pay the cover because the band sucked, it really did. Went with a group of people and they all had to pay. ANYWAY. I could not stand the band and was told I should not go to this bar. When I walked in I realize they were right. The bouncer was a well muscled ugly brute and most of the clientele looked to be on parole. I said to him “I know what a punk is, he says ‘I don’t start nothing but I finish it’. Well I am going to start nothing and you are the mother fucker that’s gonna finish it” > The drinks were cheap and strong and quite the floor show. I lived another day
TelevisionI Pray you never have to live through dope sick.
BooksI am tired of reading. I have forgotten over 95% of what I have read. My life has been more exciting than most books. One time in a bistro connected to a book store I said hello to a woman with a pile of books. She turned away. I said here you are with all these books and next to you a character more interesting than those in most your books but you are afraid to converse. Keep to your books.
HeroesI wish they were still around. Only my mother is left. Are fighting men could all be heroes if we did not waist them in vaine, The shame is on us.

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Sad story my friend and heart-breaking too, you have captured her in her moment of happiness which is a small comfort to this tragic end. Regards Adam

teresahardy ( Deleted user )



hey tox!! how u doin? i just uploaded few art works on my site under gallery portrait. your comments will be appreciated for the same. Thanx in anticipation. Yellowleaves


Hey Tox just wanna wish u all the best of everything thanks for beign a friend. love ur artworks men !!!! God bless.


hey , wishing you all the best at christmass and the coming year, regards, Akanbi.


Hi Tox how are you ? Can you explain me how to send a single message on the boards of all my friends in one time. Thanks. I put some new paintings in 2 new galleries here .


I especially like your portraits!

cynthia02 How is your day....... I saw your profile at and some thing about you move my intress to comminicate with you so how is life treating you. Please i want you to use this email address to write me back( so that i can give you my picture and tell you more about me ok.stay cool and enjoy your self.kisesssssssssss Yours lovely Cynthia


thankyou for comments you have given i have new work up now.


thanks TOX for the welcome - I forgot I had put a presence here ... after I found I couldn't upload my art because of the size limits (I'm a painter who doesn't know or have photoshop nor the time to learn it - I paint) here it slipped my mind until another artist on another site reminded me of this place. I have left some links here to my art on my and other sites.


I left you a private message, I hope you are doing well this year. Keep creating, it soothes the soul.


a voice from the wilderness wishes looks forward to epiphany and wishes YOU well.




Happy Holidays Carolyn

visitor ( Deleted user )

Hi John, thanks for all your help today, i appreciate it very much...yu

Lime ( Deleted user )

Wonderful Your ART Tox.

visitor ( Deleted user )

hello John..havn't heard from you in a while..out on the bike perhaps? send me a message, miss ya! guess who?


Hello friends,Hope u all r fine. I have uploaded few of my new paintings. This time I have tried something different from what I do usually. It would be great pleasure to show you my new works. I have uploaded my recent paintings in the folder 'Widow'..Please let me know what you feel about the paintings. Thank you.With Best wishes - Silent Warrior


Hi John. Haven't heard from you in ages...what's going on??? You look so different on that pic... but well!(hope you are) Have to admit: I haven't visited this site in can really take over sommetimes....but you're the first one I look for when I DO visit! So give me some news! (Is your new lady taking up all your time? )


hi Tox, i hope things are going a little better for you now, good to see your doing better and getting a bit of control back now.i can only wish you well in getting your life back on track.all the best mate