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Age: 42
Hometown: Boston
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BiographyRomina Díaz Brarda_____ "No hay casualidad sino destino, no se encuentra sino lo que se busca, y se busca lo que está escondido en lo más profundo de nuestro corazón" Ernesto Sábato_____ Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, now living in Boston. _____ Nacida en Buenos Aires, Argentina, viviendo ahora en Boston. _____ Everything is by instinct, basic. Color and lack of it. Light and darkness. No symmetry. The scream by Edvard Munch. Books. Music, Tango. Art. Architecture. To explore. To paint. _____ Todo es por instinto, básicamente. Color y su ausencia. Luz y oscuridad. No a la simetría. El grito de Edvard Munch. Libros. Música, Tango. Arte. Arquitectura. Explorar. Pintar.

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Just love the unique perspective of the Golden Gate Bridge ....fantastic painting...bravo !!!:-)


great work! loved nudes I!




Add my voice to choir. Beautiful work

Lime ( Deleted user )

Beauty Your Work Visceralsky/Lime


Hi Romina , how ae you , it's been a while we heard from each other's always a pleasue to visit your great portfolio and many thanks for your kind words for my Tango series's very appreciated !!! :-) Hugs !!!!


Gracias Romina. Es de lo más bonito que me han dicho nunca. Besos desde el Mediterraneo y que sepas que el puente de Boston es poesía pura. Gracias otra vez. Chao


Hola Romina. Me gusta mucho tu pintura y como empleas el color y las texturas. Estoy muy gratamente sorprendido. Me alegro de haberte encontrao en este sitio. Es que mi ingles es muy malo aunque lo medio entiendo. Pues eso, un abrazo y besos. Paco

JP ( Deleted user )

i can't wait. i'm glad you're enjoying your new gig working for joey b. when you're a rich and famous artist seomday, try and remember me.


Gracias por las palabras buenas. Su agradable para oír que puedo inspirar a alguien. Espero que encuentre otro muse pronto también. I Love Emerging! Very Powerful. Mark Cortez Spermacyde Art

stylllyfe ( Deleted user )

I appreciate your taking a look at my Homages to Piet Mondrian, and I find your nudes very exciting!!


Thanks for visiting and your comments.Glad you like it.I do love your nudes also.Love the mood of passion which you have captured very well. Mojada and Emerging are my favorites.


Great photos and art - a rare combination. Margaret, Artist at Work,

jh ( Deleted user )

Hi visceralsky, thanks for the add, great work, like your profile!!!


Hola Romina, el sitio parece muy participativo, muy buenos trabajos, felicitaciones, diego

JP ( Deleted user )

...we should go out for drinks this weekend, or next, before work gets too crazy. and, with any luck, you'll be working to ;) there's no business like show business!


Hello - pleased to visit your page. Nice work. Regards, Bud C


Hello - pleased to visit your page. Nice work. Regards, Bud C


:-( I havent seen many snowflakes in South Africa, but I imagine millions of designs. Thankyou for the comment about the earrings. I look forward to receiving mail from you.