yendor Don't think, just do

Age: 51
Hometown: Rochester
Accepts Commissions: No
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Background and Lifestyle

Marital Status Married
Smoker Yes
Drinker Yes
Education Post grad
Children Proud parent

Interests and Personality

BiographyArt from this earth Rod has had a typically Australian journeyman existence, while all along being in touch with this great land, through living and working in rural locations. After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Nyerna Studies gave Rod the opportunity of working alongside internationally renowned artist Clive Atkinson. This experience liberated creative forces of which Rod had always been in touch with and dabbled, but now began to seriously experiment with in a number of mediums from wood carving and sculpture to expression on canvas. The works are not only a depiction but a celebration; of our existence and the environment in which we live, the unique landscape of this continent.
InterestsWriting my own music, Painting and Sculpting, working within my field of employment and family time spent with my kids.
MusicNone really.... I write my own but i do have interest in all sorts of music depending on mood. You can check out some of my music at youtube casualandjohn
Filmsall sorts

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cynthia02 How is your day....... I saw your profile at and some thing about you move my intress to comminicate with you so how is life treating you. Please i want you to use this email address to write me back( so that i can give you my picture and tell you more about me ok.stay cool and enjoy your self.kisesssssssssss Yours lovely cynthia


nice work!

Lime ( Deleted user )

Good ART Work yendor.

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

"Shoulda", is a very interesting piece. ~Marianne


I've been on this site for several months now and appreciate all the very fine art I see. Nice work. Bud


Hello Yendor, Idea is a wonderful piece, Consumption is also very nice work with great depth and meaning. its look like some real ants crawling, best wishes - ranjan


y love your work anita


I just finished this piece called "Meditation", tell me what you think.


yes more so than most ever will know well done and thank you for seeing


it is a given thats what i call it. It was given to me by a tree its a growth that started form a bird pooing on the tree. Thank you bird thank you tree never to be another like it again. Keep up your good work

CreateReality ( Deleted user )

Hi Yendor, I see you are a lover of the sun and moon. Nice works. I also enjoy your Yin and Yang, is it painted rock? Or is it paper?


All your paintings seem to glow from the inside out. They are really spiritual. Visit my site when you get a chance.

mesmariah ( Deleted user )

Love the art and the frames too!


Thanks man back at you




What fantastic organic work, Yendor! I quite enjoyed myself here. As a parent and artist, I believe that there is something extra that grounds you to the work, and this shows in your pieces. Thank you for sharing your visions.


I thank you very much for your thougths. And yes what you see in paint of mine always has a meaning. That is just given, I dont know what to paint most of the time just start and then it is given.


love your spiritual way of expression!


Drawn to healing sea, regards, aarts


Greetings - nice work indeed